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GE Digital Energy
GE Digital Energy
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GE’s proven Digital Energy solutions help power generation and utility companies model, manage and control their assets and networks in today’s complex and dynamic environment, all while accelerating the digital transformation of the energy sector.

Digital solutions for Native Interoperability

Business insight

We understand your business and have been here since the beginning – since the first light bulbs illuminated homes.  Our journey began with Thomas Edison, and we have since helped share and influence every evolution of electricity.


GE's role in this movement speaks for itself. Our software manages 40% of all electricity worldwide. Hundreds of electric utilities around the world use our software to keep the lights on!


GE is the only company that takes the power of operational software and combines with with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning to accelerate the journey to network level optimization with predictive and prescriptive software solutions.

GE is the only vendor with proven solution breadth and depth, as well as the industry experience and technology expertise to provide utilities with end-to-end solutions. GE’s Native Interoperability spans across the entire Digital Energy software portfolio and provides utilities with a unique alternative to highly customized and complex interfaces by natively harmonizing data, optimizing workflows to accelerate implementations and significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.

Taking advantage of GE’s natively interoperable solutions, power leaders gain access to data that can be effectively analyzed and optimized to transform operations, revisit revenue models, and streamline maintenance.

Outcomes that matter

Solving the disruption

Harness 100% of the Distributed Energy Resources opportunity

Next level services

Delight customers by reaching a new level of engagement and experience

Complete visibility

Create a single source of truth: act from a singular view into the entire electrical ecosystem

Always prepared

Become proactive in the face of growing security threat surface


Increasing amount of autonomous operations and maintenance to become more predictive and prescriptive

Setting The Pace: How Smart-Grid Technology is Powering The Global Shift To Renewables

Software solutions for the power grid distribution industry | GE Digital

As both a maker of Power Generators, and an industrial software developer, GE is uniquely positioned to deal with the complexity of deploying renewables into the largest industrial system ever built by mankind: The Grid. The Grid Software team at GE Digital is building the analytics and software necessary to handle the growing volume of variable renewable generation. Grid Analytics from GE Digital is designed to forecast system inertia, predict the impact of weather events, and reduce operations and maintenance outages.


Learn more about the future of the grid and the technologies that will take utilities from a reactive mode, to a proactive system where they can anticipate trouble before it occurs.

Discover Digital Energy solutions

GE Digital ADMS software assists transmission and utility customers
Digital Energy

Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS)

Go beyond traditional distribution management systems.

Geospacial software apps connect electrical grids | GE Digital
Digital Energy

Geospatial Network Modeling Solutions for Utilities

Model your entire electric network with confidence and consistency across your enterprise.

Asset performance management software on mobile device | GE Digital screenshot
Digital Energy

Predix Asset Performance Management for Power Generation

Improve reliability and availability of your power generation, transmission and distribution (T&D) assets while reducing O&M costs

Grid Analytics software powering night skies | GE
Digital Energy

Grid Analytics

Achieve network-level optimization with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning

GE Solutions for the Transmission industry
Industrial Apps


Grid management software for 100% renewable energy.

Utilities Communications solutions | GE Digital
Digital Energy

Utilities Communications

Delivering fast, reliable and secure communications solutions enabling high availability for mission critical applications for utility operations.

Additional resources for the energy industry

GE Digital has in-depth resources to keep you up-to-date on trends, best practices, and innovations in Digital Energy.  Explore our on-demand webinar series or any of the selected resources below.

Utility network control center | GE Energy Solutions

Network Digital Twin

Discover the Network Digital Twin from GE. This revolutionary approach provides a comprehensive view of the grid.

Reimagining Our Electricity Future | GE Digital Whitepaper
White paper

Reimagining Our Electricity Future

Learn how GE is leading the digital transformation and co-creating the future of energy with our customers across the globe. 

Stories showcasing customer stories in the power industry | GE
Customer stories

Discover the Power of Digital

These customers deserve our recognition for their bold actions to embrace the power of data and analytics to drive optimization.

Contact Energy and GE | Software for utilities

Contact Energy and GE: Increasing Efficiencies Using Data Analytics

Discover a collaboration that goes beyond the traditional model of energy.

Austrialian energy and GE Digital

Australian Energy Customers on GE Power

Learn how GE is working with energy companies to solve the particular challenges of the Australian market.

Energy Distribution | GE Digital Energy | Software

Analytics and the Digital Utility

GE’s Matt Schnugg explains how you can use the data fabric to unlock insights were weren’t able to unlock before.