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Proficy CSense

Industrial analytics software that improves asset and process performance with a Process Digital Twin

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Optimize with 5-in-1 analytics capabilities in closed-loop solution

CSense predictive analytics screenshot, process digital twin software from GE Digital

Predict future asset and process performance

Proficy CSense from GEDigital uses AI and machine learning to enable process engineers to combine data across industrial data sources and rapidly identify problems, discover root causes, predict future performance, and automate actions to continuously improve quality, utilization, productivity, and delivery of operations.


Uniquely providing five analytics capabilities in one package, Proficy CSense has helped organizations around the world reduce costs by turning raw data into rapid business value. Engineers and data scientists can analyze, monitor, predict, simulate, and optimize and control setpoints in real time through Proficy CSense.


Additionally, Proficy CSenseprovides the capabilities to mine insight from historical data and rapidly develop, test, and deploy simple calculations, predictive analytics, and optimization and control solutions to reduce variability and improve operations.

Introducing Proficy CSense 7.0
Our latest version features larger data loads, improved connectivity, enhanced Model Predictive Control, updated interoperability, improved security, and more!
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Benefits of Proficy CSense

Reduce process variability

Combine data and use analytics and machine learning to improve process variability

Speed troubleshooting

Use data to troubleshoot causes of asset and process performance issues rapidly

Increase engineering productivity

Proficy CSense’s visual analytics accelerate problem detection and improve efficiency

Decrease downtime

Monitor and ensure health and performance of base-layer PID control loops

Optimize with a Process Twin

Mine new insight from industrial data to maximize return on assets

Improve data integrity

Validate and clean raw sensor data at the source to ensure integrity of downstream systems

Features of Proficy CSense

GE Digital’s Proficy CSense’s Troubleshooter enables engineers mining insight from available sensor and production data.

Mine new insight from data

Proficy CSense’s Troubleshooter enables engineers to rapidly troubleshoot continuous, discrete, or batch manufacturing process performance by mining insight from available sensor and production data.


Seamless connectivity, rich visualization, and predictive analytics enable users to analyze operating scenarios, quantifying the impact that operational changes will have on key-performance metrics and identifying causes for performance variation.


  • Supports full Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) value journey
  • From simple calculations to predictive machine-learning models to real-time optimization and advanced-control algorithms
GE Digital’s Proficy CSense’s software enables engineers to rapidly develop analytic solutions to help improve production.

Rapidly develop analytic solutions

Proficy CSense’s Architect enables engineers to rapidly develop analytic solutions that typically improve production throughput, yield, quality, and efficiency with significant margins. 


A comprehensive analytic solution-development environment provides visual analytic building blocks to build and test calculations, predictive analytics, and real-time optimization and control solutions with connectivity to real-time and historical data sources and drag-and-drop access to rich functional libraries.  


  • Plug & play connectivity to historical and real-time data sources and automation systems
  • Built-in support for data quality to make real-time data cleaning and validation easy
  • Comprehensive platform to develop, integrate, test, and deploy real-time analytic solutions
GE Digital’s Proficy CSense screenshot illustrates reusable templates for easy deployment to similar assets or process units.

Speed deployment through greater efficiency

Solutions are saved as reusable templates for easy deployment to similar assets or process units and permanently deployed into production using the Proficy CSense Action Object Manager.


While Proficy CSense’s Troubleshooter enables engineers to find answers faster with analytics-guided data mining and process-performance troubleshooting, CSense Architect allows them to more easily capture expert knowledge and best practices—combined with insight mined from data with CSense Troubleshooter—into high-value analytic templates for rapid enterprise-wide deployment. 

Screenshot of GE Digital’s CSense showing visual drag-and-drop analytics, creating process digital twins for smarter manufacturing

Enhance engineering productivity

Creating a Process Twin for smarter manufacturing is easy with Proficy CSense. Visual drag-and-drop analytics accelerate time to value and reduce dependence on data scientists and programmers.  Online demos enable rapid mastery of the software with easy-to-follow demonstrations and guided simulations.


  • Rapid wizard-driven data mining for engineers for fast time-to-insight
  • Easy visual drag-and-drop functional blocks for subject matter experts and engineers
  • Analytic solution templates without programming:  simple calculations, data cleaning, maths, statistics, machine-learning models, real-time optimization, and advanced process control
  • Access to popular script languages and CSense SDK for powerful analytic solutions with plug-and-play incorporation of Python, Matlab, and 3rd party .Net content


Hear from our customers

Read how Proficy CSense helps our customers improve production throughput, yield, quality, and efficiency.


Some systems are just too complex and have too many variables for operators to run optimally. That’s when we need the help of dedicated advanced-control intelligence that can deal with the complexities of our unique problems.”

We use Proficy’s advanced analytics as a kind of process intelligence (PI), so we have benefited from all the data we collect. We have done an energy project where we reduced stirring in the process tanks by 35%-45%. It is not necessarily the energy we have saved (as the price is low), but the reduced operation we have and thereby less wear and maintenance. The next project is CO2 reduction in aeration tanks, where we will try to optimize O2 in relation to nitrous oxide emissions.

We achieved some excellent results with our first project, and we see a great future optimization potential with the tool.

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