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Software to accelerate time-to-market and improve production performance at global scale

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Industrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE DigitalIndustrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE DigitalIndustrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE DigitalIndustrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE Digital

Improve throughput with greater efficiency and lower costs with Tracker software

Tracker HMI/SCADA software | GE Digital | Screenshot

With installations spanning the world, Tracker from GE Digital, part of the Proficy family, is a comprehensive routing, tracking, and order execution management system that helps manufacturers raise productivity and cut costs by monitoring and managing the execution of production orders.


Tracker automates routing and sequencing to accelerate time to market, reduce warranty and recall exposure, and support Lean operations and building right the first time. This proven solution:


  • Collects genealogy and traceability data for audit trails and regulatory compliance
  • WIP inventory control
  • Defect containment
  • Hold management
  • Substitution management
  • Sequence management
  • Broadcast 
  • Coordination across the supply chain to help meet production schedules

Tracker 2023 | Now Available

Recent new features:


  • Multi-user development, accelerating configuration and deployment
  • Ad hoc distributed queries
  • SQL AlwaysOn support for high availability and disaster recovery for SQL Server (with exception of the Tracker Attribute Database functionality)

Accelerate your competitiveness with Tracker software

Increase throughput

Gain detailed, continuous information to help you make the best decisions.

Enable faster time to market

Powerful routing and order execution automatically speed production. Leverage efficient scheduling and routing of materials.

Improve agility

Improve production performance with the ability to manage and adapt to real-time situations on a production floor.

Reduce Risk

Decrease exposure to recalls and warranty issues. Collect genealogy and traceability data for audit trails and regulatory compliance.

Speed operator response

Tracker enables High Performance HMI/SCADA to speed the right operator actions to events and alarms.

Increase competitiveness

Achieve a proven platform, used around the world, to improve production, boost quality, and reduce costs.

Optimize your manufacturing process with proven technology


Built on GE Digital’s widely used CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA software, Tracker also enables High Performance HMI to speed operator actions. It offers secure-by-design connectivity and certificate management.


Rapid Application Development

Configuration is simple with modeling for repeatability and time savings. Configuration is simple with modeling for repeatability and time savings. Rapid Application Development (RAD) provides easier and better connectivity, configuration & build tools, deployment & security. 

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High Value, Volume & Variability

Proven in high-value, high-volume, high-variability environments, Tracker provides detailed, continuous information to help you make the best decisions for a competitive advantage. Widely used in industries such as automotive, Tracker improves production of 65% of the vehicles in North America.

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Global References and Case Studies brochure

Download our reference booklet of our automotive customer success stories.  Let's talk about how GE Digital can help improve your operational performance.

Chery Jaguar Land Rover Brings Global Expertise to the Factory Floor

Features of Tracker


Increase throughput and launch new products faster

With Tracker, each serialized item that moves through  your production or packaging process can be tracked. You get the information you need to optimize your manufacturing process while managing inventory levels and locations, scheduling resources, and routing materials much more effectively and automatically.


  • Collects data from many automated sensors and readers, including bar codes, RF tags, and mechanical tag systems
  • Maintains detailed data for all jobs in the system, including content, status, location, and production process counts
  • Provides routing control of production orders through the production facility
  • Facilitates Build to Order / Build to Sequence
  • Ensures building it right the first time

Implement Lean production

With Production Routing and Order Execution Management, Tracker helps manufacturers and suppliers understand real-time sequence requirements and handle situations that occur on the plant floor when the sequence is broken – enabling manufacturers to build right the first time. It helps facilitate a large reduction in WIP inventories along with finished goods inventories while meeting production targets.


  • Enables Lean manufacturing
  • Collects genealogy and traceability data for audit trails and regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced visualization: provides graphic screens to display tracking paths and item information, and reflects production control commands

Improve inventory & production with real-time information

Better manage inventory, production orders, and routing materials with detailed data using Tracker. This software solution empowers your operators with real-time information and control of their operations to accommodate a variety of production flow adjustments.


  • Coordinates the supply chain
  • WIP inventory control
  • Find critical jobs
  • Meet production schedules
  • Manufacturing resource utilization

Achieve real-time flow management of jobs

Tracker provides the ability to not only track the real-time location of jobs on the production floor, but can be configured to perform routing logic on the movement of jobs throughout the facility. This unique capability allows manufacturers to manage the manufacturing, routing, and delivery of multiple product components into complex product assemblies.


Keeps cycle counts, repair information, and carrier/container status online; it accommodates different types of carriers and containers within a system, allowing you to track products even when the manufacturing process transforms them.


Standards for interoperability and visibility

Tracker delivers a standards-based open ecosystem for superior interoperability and the foundation for IoT. As part of the Proficy family, Tracker reflects GE Digital’s commitment to:


  • OPC UA
  • MQTT
  • ISA 18.2
  • ISA 101


With Tracker, you can gain visibility across disparate, disconnected systems as well as a blueprint for manufacturing across enterprise-wide operations for a simpler, reusable manufacturing infrastructure. 


Furthermore, through CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA, you gain a powerful, widely-used SCADA system that includes device connectivity (both native and OPC), graphical development, alarm management, marquee and pager interfaces, client management, and much more.


There were mainly three criteria we considered during the selection process. They were high quality, cost savings, and an integrated solution. [The solution] from GE is quite outstanding in features and performance.

GE Digital’s new CIMPLICITY 11 solution meets these user requirements, along with the ability to leverage IIoT technology to provide a standards-based open ecosystem for interoperability. In addition, the new Tracker 11 supports production tracking, routing and order management.

Experience the power of rule-based decision making

Tracker in Action
Tracker in Action
Watch the Video

See Tracker in Action

Glimpse the power of GE Digital's Tracker.  


This quick demo first shows a body shop subsystem. You’ll see how rules can be configured as well as modified on the fly.


Then, see a paint shop subsystem where you can track components and show movement in real time. Learn how you can apply blocking rules such as car bodies by color and modify blocks on the fly.


A powerful decision-making engine, Tracker is truly as flexible as you require.

Value Workshop from GE Digital

Manufacturers are faced with unprecedented and unpredictable times, where disruption has been felt globally and no rule book exists. Partner with GE Digital to develop an action plan for rapid digital transformation wins based on industry-proven value cases and ROI.

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