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Improve throughput with greater efficiency and lower costs with Tracker software


Tracker, part of GE Digital's Manufacturing Execution System suite of solutions, is a comprehensive tracking and order execution management system that meets the critical need for manufacturers. Proven in high-value, high-volume, high-variability environments, it tracks each serialized item that moves through your production process—providing detailed, continuous information to help you make the best decisions for a competitive edge.

Accelerate your competitiveness with Tracker software

Increase throughput

With Tracker, each serialized item that moves through your production or packaging process can be tracked. You get the detailed, continuous information you need to optimize your manufacturing process while managing inventory levels and locations, scheduling resources and routing materials much more effectively.

Order execution management

With Order Execution Management, Tracker helps manufacturers and suppliers understand real-time sequence requirements and handle situations that occur on the plant floor when the sequence is broken— enabling manufacturers to build right the first time. It helps facilitate a large reduction in WIP inventories along with finished goods inventories while meeting production targets.

Improve inventory, production orders

Better manage inventory, production orders, and routing materials with detailed data using Tracker. It empowers your operators with real-time information and control of their operations to accommodate a variety of production flow adjustments.

Real-time flow management of jobs

Tracker provides the ability to not only track the real-time location of jobs on the production floor, but can be configured to perform routing logic on the movement of jobs throughout the facility. This unique capability allows manufacturers to manage the manufacturing, routing, and delivery of multiple product components into complex product assemblies.

Features of Tracker


Data collection

Collects data from many automated sensors and readers, including bar codes, RF tags, and mechanical tag systems.


Enhanced visualization

Provides graphic screens to display tracking paths and item information, and reflects production control commands.


Detailed data

Maintains detailed data for all jobs in the system, including content, status, location, and production process counts.


Online information

Keeps cycle counts, repair information, and carrier/container status online; it accommodates different types of carriers and containers within a system, allowing you to track products even when the manufacturing process transforms them.


Routing control

Provides routing control of production orders through the production facility.



Collects and tracks product genealogy information.

Providing end-to-end value

Providing end-to-end value

80 %
Reduction in integration costs
6 Sigma
No unplanned downtime



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Tracker from GE Digital

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