Transform to a more sustainable energy grid

GridOS is a software portfolio that includes a suite of intelligent applications for management of large-scale renewables, distributed energy resources (DERs), and EV planning.

Lower costs


For large grids with high renewable penetration, it is possible to avoid up to 40% (~$150M/year) in inertia management costs.*

More renewable energy


GridOS helps manage, balance and orchestrate grids with up to 70% renewables penetration.

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*Data based on a single demonstration project - NG ESO in UK. Results may vary based on utility's generation mix.

renewable energy software


Manage large-scale renewables with GE Vernova's renewable energy software

Renewable penetration increases every year, and point solutions are no longer sufficient to manage the sheer scale of renewables needed to hit net zero objectives. From managing the variability of renewable power to quickly recovering from severe weather events, unlock orchestration with Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS).

Orchestrate DERs
and the distribution grid

DER usage is increasing exponentially, from EVs to solar panels. New end to end solutions are needed to help incorporate DERs into the grid and orchestrate them for maximum value. GridOS Distribution Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) and Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) offer the complete ability to monitor, forecast, manage, control, optimize and transact bringing forward a more integrated, flexible and efficient grid.

Optimize costs and capital expenditures

As renewable energy adoption increases, so do the added costs utilities must face – many of which can be minimized or even avoided with the right solutions. The advanced capabilities of AEMS, ADMS and DERMS help utilities optimize their costs and capital expenditures. From avoiding excess inertia costs with AEMS’ precise calculations to assessing infrastructure needs with DERMS Simulation, GridOS solutions are here to help optimize utility spend.

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energy software enables orchestration

Orchestration reduces the risk that comes with increasing renewable penetration

Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard: Grid DERMS

GE Vernova, a pioneer in transforming the energy grid into a smarter, more resilient ecosystem, proudly announces its position as the #1 provider in the Guidehouse Insights 2024 Leaderboard for Grid DERMS vendors.

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Grid orchestration is key to managing DER integration

As more and more DERs are connected to the grid, managing the integration process becomes a monumental challenge. Find out why the grid needs an orchestration approach to ease the challenges of DER integration.

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GridOS DERMS and ADMS combine to form orchestration powerhouse

DERMS and ADMS are both critical solutions for orchestrating the sustainable energy grid. When used together, their capabilities and value increase exponentially.

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Renewable energy tools for your teams

Learn how the right tools and partner ecosystem will reduce risk when it comes to integrating renewables into the grid.

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