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Automotive Manufacturing Software

How will you drive additional growth and performance this year?

Experience the innovation of automotive manufacturing software

The automotive industry is facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty. You are challenged to grow profits, increase market share, and build customer loyalty in the face of slowing demand and while investing in new technologies like electrification and autonomous vehicles.  

Explore this demo to see examples of how our automotive manufacturing software can help.

Overcome challenges with proven automotive manufacturing software

Improve inefficiencies

With uncertain growth expected across the automotive industry, manufacturers need to focus on efficiency and automation. By breaking down information and data silos, automotive manufacturers can tap into previously unused or underutilized data, speed operations, and produce vehicles and parts faster and with greater precision.

Optimize production and quality

With a lack of real-time information—from the plant floor to C-suite—it can be difficult to see critical information in time to accommodate market shifts or customer demands. By implementing effective digital industrial applications, personnel can gain deep visibility in complex work processes—enabling more data-driven insights, tighter control of production quality, staffing, and predictive maintenance scheduling.

Reduce unplanned downtime

Tracking the performance and health of equipment optimizes maintenance, in turn, making these assets more reliable and available for use. By keeping equipment and production lines up and running, auto manufacturers will see better end production and reliability.

Video learning library: Best practices with automotive manufacturing software

Deliver a Sustainable ICE to EV Transition

Horse power kilowatt image

Sustainable EV Transition

Are you ready to speed up your automotive manufacturing evolution? The immensity and scale of this change has created a set of challenges never seen before. However, digitization has shifted the paradigm and accelerated the pace of transformation for the Industrial and Manufacturing vertical.

In this webinar replay, you will hear from leading minds from Digital at GE Vernova, Amazon Web Services, and Stellantis on how to prepare and thrive during this generational shift from ICE to EV.

Redefining Today's Manufacturing Technology for Tomorrow’s Customer

General Motors: Redefining Today's Manufacturing Technology for Tomorrow’s Customer

OT/IT Convergence at GM

See how General Motors is securing their future by redefining its manufacturing technology today. This shift involves designing a converged architecture spanning OT and IT systems, driving simplicity and better visibility across operations with a unified technology stack, and a focus on building a digital thread across operations. 


Dr. Mano Rao, IT Director, Global Manufacturing at General Motors and Paul Adams, Principal Customer Success Manager at GE Digital, discuss key trends facing automotive manufacturers and how General Motors' digital transformation is enabling the company to come out ahead. 

Capitalizing on Disruption in the Automotive Industry

Reduce Inefficiencies and Optimize Plant Production in the Automotive Industry

Accelerating Transformation

Industrial Internet at Work is an on-demand video series from GE Digital that takes an in-depth look at how automotive companies can accelerate their digital transformation and remain competitive through the disruptive changes that are shaping the industry.  

Meeting Demand for EV

EV battery production

Enhancing EV Battery Production

Hear from OEM and manufacturing software leaders as they discuss methods to efficiently and safely increase EV battery production to meet demand. Key takeaways include:


  • Reduce process variation and optimize process performance, while managing production complexity for end-to-end traceability
  • Achieve faster time to market & on-time delivery, increased compliance & quality consistency throughout
  • Support sustainability - recirculate and regenerate resources by design to eliminate the concept of “waste” entirely

Overcome production limitations & meet customer demand

Battery process

Battery Manufacturing

Is your battery manufacturing process inefficient with limited capabilities to scale?  Are you struggling to meet the traceability requirements for all battery manufacturing? 


Without question, the battery manufacturing process is complicated.  But did you know that you can get end-to-end production data and visibility for each battery pack with a single MES solution?


GE Digital can support your diverse battery production process in one manufacturing platform, decreasing your OT costs and maintenance, and giving you a foundation for operations optimization.


I would totally recommend the software to other companies. This software has really made us accountable. It shows the data we need. The software helps us by tracking the vehicle. We're able to type in the vehicle number and know exactly where that is in the plant.

Having reliable software systems to control our output is very important. We made our first implementation of this technology in China. Then we brought the technology to Sweden, used the learnings from implementing MES in our China plant and challenged ourselves to improve how we work, prioritize and bring the solutions to production. This has really been successful and the team from GE Digital have been with us at every step of this journey – we took one step together, saw the results, then took another step. It is an interesting journey – and it is far from finished!

Hear from our customers

GE Digital is helping automotive businesses improve their manufacturing and HMI/SCADA operations and practices.


We are very proud of the results our clients are achieving with GE Digital software.  Read their stories.

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GE Digital's MES software for manufacturers helps optimize operationsGE Digital's MES software for manufacturers helps optimize operations
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Proficy Smart Factory - MES Solutions

Reach manufacturing excellence through Industrial IoT insights and intelligence.

HMI/SCADA software in use in industrial operations
Industrial Software

Proficy HMI / SCADA

Drive smarter operator decisions with model-based high performance HMI for faster response and development.

Industrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE DigitalIndustrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE DigitalIndustrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE DigitalIndustrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE Digital
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