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Enterprise Industrial Data Management for Transmission & Distribution

Reduce time and costs with Proficy Historian for Grid

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High voltage transmission lines | GE Digital software for electric utilities

Leverage data for better decision making in the operations center and across the enterprise

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Unlock operational insights by consolidating data across the grid, reducing time and costs with the only enterprise historian deployable in the data center or in the cloud.


“With features like decentralized data collection, excellent data volume handling, scalability from on-premise to hybrid Cloud to full Cloud, plus remote management, and an OPC UA Server, Proficy Historian is now one of the leading historian products on the market. No longer is there a default choice in historians. If GE Digital’s Proficy Historian is not on your short list, it certainly should be."

     - Joe Perino, Principal Analyst, LNS Research


With Proficy Historian for Grid, you can use integrated utility data management to improve:


  • Data storage
  • Visualization
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
Trend Data from Proficy Historian Software

Analyst-recommended industrial data management for grid

Proven and used by thousands of companies around the world, Proficy Historian for Grid simplifies industrial data management and reduces costs, providing up to 90% savings compared to OSI PI.


  • Enable operational excellence and digital transformation by collecting and reliably distributing grid data across the enterprise
  • Integrate with GE Digital’s AEMS and ADMS software to empower engineers and operators to make better and faster decisions
  • Accelerate the work of analysts and data scientists to find operational efficiencies by combining a wide variety of data sources and enabling advanced analytics – on-prem or in the cloud
  • Achieve faster time to value and increase reliability with an integrated, single vendor solution across your enterprise


Are you using eDNA? AVEVA has announced End of Life for eDNA, and now is the time to save with Proficy Historian for Grid. See how you can swap your license for free and save 50% on Support.

Enterprise Industrial Data Management for Transmission and Distribution

Learn how you can use integrated utility data management to achieve improved data storage, visualization, analysis, reporting and analytics. Register today for this complimentary webinar on April 13.


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Benefits of Enterprise Industrial Data Management for Transmission & Distribution

Speed time to value

Achieve faster time to value and increase reliability with a validated solution across your enterprise

Leverage IT cloud investments

Easily move time-stamped, organized OT data to your enterprise cloud, using the only native-cloud industrial historian

Decrease costs

Significantly reduce the costs of industrial data management with up to 90% savings

Improve visibility

Reduce complexity and enable new value creation by leveraging different categories of data from a single data source

Increase awareness

Increase control room awareness by directly visualizing real-time events alongside historical data from within your SCADA

Optimize operations

Achieve greater flexibility to analyze your data and create custom analytics to meet your unique business challenges

Single source of data across GE Digital’s AEMS and ADMS

  • Optimized data storage for electric utility customers (RTU, PMU, AMI, Billing, Weather Sensors, Forecast Data)
  • Native interoperability to GE Digital’s Grid software for real-time data across the enterprise

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  • GE Digital software helps the electric grid optimize performance

    Tired of paying high prices for your data historian?

    Tired of paying high prices for your data historian?

    Discover how you can save up to 90%.

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    Proficy Historian for Cloud

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