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Flight Data Link

Seamlessly integrate flight analytics with operational business data

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Unleash the power of full flight data

Flight Data Link pulls flight data from GE Digital’s Event Measurement System into Teradata’s Vantage software, allowing airlines to see the full picture of their operational data combined with flight data, and make better decisions on passenger experience, fuel management, and maintenance actions.


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Benefits of Flight Data Link

Enable teams beyond flight safety with full flight data

Enrich enterprise data sources integrated with multi-flight, multi-year data

Empower teams with quick, secure, authorized data

Features of Flight Data Link

Perform complex analysis of multiple flights across fleets

flight data | screenshot | Flight Data Link | GE Digital

Teradata integration

Quick configuration of views within Teradata for reporting ease.


Full flight data

Analysis of multiple flights, routes, and assets across years to help improve efficiencies and lower costs.

flight data | screenshot | Flight Data Link | GE Digital


Utilize any BI tool (Spotfire, Power BI, Tableau) by SME’s, BI users, and data scientists


Safety Team ownership

Data ownership, user and profile access, and management by Flight Safety Team

Delivering for the Aviation Industry

The combination of GE’s aviation experience and SaaS offerings integrated with the world’s most robust platform for scalable analytics delivers capabilities and outcomes for our customers not observed anywhere else in our industry.

We’re proud that GE Digital’s innovative new product will utilize our Vantage platform, leveraging Teradata’s world class platform for aviation analytics so that leading airlines across the globe will be able to use data as their greatest asset. Vantage provides GE Digital with the flexibility of a multi-cloud platform that makes it easy to deliver their new offerings and the two companies are also working together on integrated software that makes it easier for our joint customers to consume more data and insights.

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