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Proficy Batch Execution

Consistent manufacturing control without complex programming

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Batch Execution | GE Digital Industrial App | Chemical Industry

Help ensure correct batch manufacturing

Batch Execution | GE Digital Industrial App | Screenshot

Proficy Batch Execution is a powerful and feature-rich batch automation solution. The software features a straightforward application development environment, empowering process owners to quickly and efficiently deploy batch automation, regardless of the underlying equipment.


Batch Execution includes data collection, robust batch management, clear process visualization, and powerful supervisory control capabilities—enabling a complete batch solution for life sciences, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, and specialty chemical industries.

Benefits of Batch Execution

Reduce waste and increase product quality

Increase efficiency with reduced costs

Enable fast deployment with lower total cost of ownership

Minimize human error

Maximize flexibility in a multi-product, multi-batch environment

Drive consistency in batch manufacturing

New optional REST APIs

Operators can use a web client such as Proficy Operations Hub to interact with Proficy Batch Execution. Supports recipe management, batch execution, and electronic work instructions in modern UX for faster operator response.

Features of Batch Execution

Batch Execution | GE Digital Industrial App | Screenshot

Powerful and easy recipes

Write, schedule, and execute recipes that have sequence variations and compose drastically different recipes without having to modify PLC code.  Based on the S88 model with the concept of classes, you can build recipes to run on any units within a class and gain greater agility

Batch Execution | GE Digital Industrial App | Screenshot

Smarter and faster development

The software solution delivers a fast, simple, and effective batch development platform that allows you to model your plant floor equipment, add equipment paths, equipment priority and status, and create and manage reusable recipe components. 

Batch Execution | GE Digital Industrial App | Screenshot

Improved security and compliance

Batch Execution delivers point-of-entry verification through Electronic Signatures in the active controls and Recipe/Equipment editors—supporting 21 CFR Part 11 compliance by enabling equipment and recipe auditing and version control. It also centralizes the storage location for e-records with encrypted store-and-forward technology that automatically provides a runtime and configuration audit trail.

Batch Execution | GE Digital Industrial App | Screenshot

Open and layered solution

Batch Execution seamlessly integrates with any OPC-compliant HMI/SCADA, MES/ERP, PLC-based or DCS system, allowing OPC browsing to establish connection and automatic creation of tags, incorporating alarm and control changes. 

Batch Execution | GE Digital Industrial App | Screenshot

Operator views and controls

Batch visualization can be incorporated into your GE Digital HMI/SCADA screens. Procedures can be seen in a Sequential Function Chart (SFC), table, or event journal. Work Instruction provides the operator with a sequence of steps to properly execute a batch.  Campaign Manager allows for automatic scheduling of batches.

Hear from our customers


When it came to the point of implementation, we were pretty confident that it would work first time – and it did. The Batch Execution System worked properly right from outset."

We have a modern, flexible system that results in higher productivity, can communicate with our business system, and allows complete traceability. Simply put, we have future proofed our production.

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