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Leverage industrial AI and machine learning to help improve operations and reliability and reduce costs

GE Digital's software for predictive analytics and predictive maintenance

What is analytics software?

Analytics software mines historical data and employs advanced analytics and modeling techniques to determine patterns and trends that can predict future scenarios. This helps identify risks, opportunities, and outcomes. It is essential to any digital, data-driven strategy.

Benefits of analytics software

Identify problems rapidly

Discover root causes

Improve asset performance

Accelerate production

Optimize operations and reduce costs

Mitigate risk

GE Digital’s Analytics Solutions

GE Digital’s analytics solutions combine deep domain expertise with applied analytics and digital twin technology. Predictive maintenance tools rapidly identify problems, discover root causes, and optimize operations in a variety of industrial settings.

Enable operational work processes with a scalable suite of solutions

APM Health, GE Digital software, screenshot showing industrial asset monitoring

Asset Performance Management

Our Asset Performance Management (APM) software is a suite of tools using predictive maintenance technologies to monitor assets to reduce downtime, boost availability, and increase reliability. By detecting problems early, predictive maintenance software turns costly emergency or unplanned shutdowns into planned, scheduled downtime, saving time and money.

Predict and prevent equipment failures

SmartSignal predictive analytics software


SmartSignal enables a smart maintenance strategy by helping to detect, diagnose, forecast, and prevent emerging equipment failures on hundreds of common industrial assets. Powered by unique Digital Twin analytics, SmartSignal’s early detection and time-to-action forecasting drive improved reliability with maximum operations and maintenance efficiency, making smart maintenance easy and cost-effective.

Process Analytics for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical

TrendMinder DashHub

TrendMiner is an intuitive web-based industrial process analytics application to perform visualization of large amounts of sensor-generated time-series and contextualized data. The solution enables process optimization through its enhanced functionality for process monitoring, troubleshooting, and embedded problem-solving capabilities.  

Achieve network-level optimization with energy analytics

Grid Analytics Software

Grid Analytics

Our digital grid application portfolio combines GE’s power domain expertise with artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver transformational predictive insights. A variety of human-guided energy analytics work with existing infrastructure to achieve network level optimization and provide fast time-to-value.

Strengthen the grid with AI-based visual inspection programs

Vegetation management software

Visual Intelligence

Traditional approaches to vegetation management and asset inspection are costly, risky and inefficient. Our Visual Intelligence platform uses human-guided AI to provide a cost-effective and holistic image of the grid, which helps reduce outages, improve safety, and reduce the probably of catastrophic events such as wildfires or major regional outages. This drives down costs and improves reliability and safety.

Improve asset and process performance with a Process Digital Twin

Proficy CSense demo | GE Digital | Predictive analytics and industrial analytics software

Proficy CSense

Proficy CSense manufacturing analytics software uses AI and machine learning to enable process engineers to mine and analyze data from multiple industrial sources—including people, machines, and processes in a plant. It uses that data to rapidly identify problems, discover root causes, predict future performance, and automate actions to improve quality, utilization, productivity, and delivery of operations.

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