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Digital Twin Software

Apply advanced analytics and machine learning to reduce operational costs and risks

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Digital twin graphic | GE Digital Asset Twin

Digital Twins Highlighted in Analyst Ranking Report

"APM solutions providers are at the forefront of digital twin strategies, offering immersive visualizations and asset-specific digital twin models and libraries by combining predictive analytics, first principle models and performance data."

- Independent Consultant, Verdantix

Digital Twins are mission critical

Colin Parris on CXO Talk
Colin Parris on CXO Talk
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Benefits of Digital Twin technology

Digital twins are a key piece of the digital transformation puzzle. They create an accurate virtual replica of physical objects, assets, and systems to boost productivity, streamline operations and increase profits.


Listen to GE Digital’s Chief Technology Officer, Colin Parris, explains how these virtual models can accelerate digital transformation on CXO Talk. Understand:


  • What are Digital Twins and why are they important
  • What are the benefits of using Digital Twin technology
  • How can Digital Twins improve the customer experience
  • What culture changes are required when undergoing digital transformation using Digital Twin technology

See Digital Twins in action

Check out our interactive demo that features Digital Twins for predictive analytics and predictive analytics with thermal monitoring.  

Digital Twins for industrial optimization

Colin Parris
Colin Parris
Watch the Video

GE Digital, a co-founder of the Digital Twin Consortium, provides software that is the backbone of modern plant operations. Colin Parris, Senior VP and CTO at GE Digital, describes how GE Digital is innovating in digital twin technology and working with other members of the Digital Twin Consortium to optimize the performance of industrial businesses.

Benefits of Digital Twin Software

Increased reliability and availability

Monitor, simulate and control an asset, process or network as an effective strategy to improve system performance

Reduced risk

Protect the health and safety of employees, the environment, and business objectives, by reducing asset- and process-related incidents and avoiding unplanned downtime

Lower maintenance costs

Predict issues before breakdowns occur, order parts, and schedule repairs at times that don’t impact production goals

Improved production

Ensure product quality with insight into the performance of assets and processes in real-time to influence and react to customization and minimize impact on supply chain


Leverage industry expertise, easy-to-use tools, and the most complete Blueprint catalogue that provide the analytics and real-time capabilities that industry needs

Digital Twin solutions

Asset Digital Twin

Predictive maintenance illustration for Aviation using GE Digital's industrial apps

Saving $1.5B In Lower Operations and Maintenance Costs

Our SmartSignal and Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions create Digital Twins based on operational / fleet data of components (pumps or compressors), critical assets (turbines) or systems of assets (an entire power station).


To date, we’ve saved our customers $1.6BN  through Digital Twins real-time monitoring capabilities, and currently have 1.2m Digital Twins of jet engines, wind-farms, off-shore oil rigs, power generation equipment, pumps, compressors, chillers, and more.


We have more than 330 different Digital Twin ‘blueprints’ available for customers in our analytics catalog – it’s easier than ever to rapidly get value from Digital Twin.

Network Digital Twin

Network Digital Twin
Network Digital Twin
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Reduce Costs by Up to 30%

GE Digital’s ADMSGIS, and AEMS technologies help grid operators create a Network Digital Twin, which provides a connected view of the end-to-end network of assets, based on real operational data.  It includes as-is, to-be, and real-time views of the network and enables all departments to contribute and consume data that help deliver better outcomes.


Network Digital Twin can help operators create virtual models to better operate, analyze and optimize how the grid responds to the impact of increasingly extreme weather, aging infrastructure, and the growing use of renewables on the grid.


Network Digital Twins can produce cost reductions of up to 30%, planning time reductions of up to 20%, and reduction in new build and internal process costs up to 7%. Utilities can also achieve field inspection and back office productivity improvements by as much as 8% as well as improved network asset analysis and data accuracy.

Process Digital Twin

Process Digital Twin | GE Digital

Reduce Product Waste Reduced by Up to 75%

Process Digital Twins create models of ‘the best way’ to run a process in a given environment – often referred to as ‘the golden batch’. By identifying the most optimal process to manufacture a given product, plant operators can ensure they are consistently delivering against quality, cost and volume objectives.


Through our CSense Operations Performance Management solutions, Process Digital Twins help manufacturers meet the challenges of fast-changing consumer demand, regulatory requirements, and looming generation knowledge gap with results like reduced product waste by up to 75%, quality complaints reduced by 38%, throughput increased by 5% – 20%, and OEE increased by 10%.

Digital Twin in the news

Read some of the latest information on digital twin technology.

  • Digital Twin technology for turbines | GE Digital

    Four Ways Digital Twins Can Drive Industrial Innovation

    Four Ways Digital Twins Can Drive Industrial Innovation

    In this Forbes article, Colin Parris, GE Digital CTO and SVP, shares four ways that he believes enable organizations to fully harness the power of digital twins.

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  • Engineer seeing digital twin data for predictive and preventative maintenance

    GE Digital: Smarter Manufacturing With AI & Analytics

    GE Digital: Smarter Manufacturing With AI & Analytics

    Cobus van Heerden, Senior Product Manager, Analytics & Machine Learning, GE Digital, discusses the current AI and analytics trends in manufacturing.

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  • Digital twin graphic | GE Digital Asset Twin

    GE Digital CTO on the future of industrial businesses in a COVID-19 world

    GE Digital CTO on the future of industrial businesses in a COVID-19 world

    Dr Colin Parris explains that GE Digital customers are already asking for more connectivity to machines and planning for a rocky recovery.

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  • Utility engineer remote monitoring the energy grid using GE Digital grid modernization software

    Network Digital Twins

    Network Digital Twins

    GE Digital experts Michael DiBlasi, Avnaesh Jayantilal, and Jennifer Reeves give us their vision for the control room of the future.

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  • Industrial Control Center | GE Digital Software

    Getting the Most Out of Digital Twins

    Getting the Most Out of Digital Twins

    Chad Stoecker, vice president, global managed services at GE Digital gives you his four tips for getting faster time to value from digital twin technology.

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  • Industrial maintenance engineers using GE Digital software

    Digital Twins Fuel the Transformation of Utility Asset Management

    Digital Twins Fuel the Transformation of Utility Asset Management

    From monitoring of equipment health to providing timely support to product development, the digital twin industry has boomed into a promising investment avenue.

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  • remote worker: utility worker using GE Digital software

    Network-based GIS & ADMS Integration: A Shared Source of Truth

    Network-based GIS & ADMS Integration: A Shared Source of Truth

    Grid management relies on a myriad of technology tools and siloed systems, including SCADA, ADMS and GIS. Digital Twins can help manage the complexities.

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