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Latest stories

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Predix HMI / SCADA

Paper Mill improves efficiency and safety with GE Digital solution

Read how GE iFIX and Historian HMI/SCADA software helped Głuchołazy Paper Company meet their ambitious plans for dynamic growth and model management.

Food & Beverage, CPG

Spomlek Improves Manufacturing Line Operations

Learn how Spomlek optimized its manufacturing operations by increasing packaging line efficiency and monitoring its equipment in real-time to better predict…

Digital Transformation

Gerdau Saves Millions Annually with GE Digital

Read how Gerdau partnered with GE Digital’s Customer Success Services to undergo a digital transformation.

City of San Luis Obispo
Predix HMI / SCADA

The City of San Luis Obispo Improves Efficiency and Productivity with iFIX

Explore how the City of San Luis Obispo uses iFIX HMI/SCADA from GE Digital to increase efficiency and improve reliability, as it serves residents and…

Factora and Premier Foods
Predix HMI / SCADA

Factora Leverages GE Digital Software to Optimize Food Manufacturing Performance

Learn how consultancy Factory helped operators at Premier Foods implement GE Digital's HMI/SCADA software for real-time decision support.

Lek Pharmaceuticals
Predix HMI / SCADA

Lek Pharmaceuticals Uses iFIX to Control and Monitor Environmental Conditions and Energy Usage

Read how GE Digital's HMI/SCADA software provides a comprehensive monitoring, analysis, control, and distribution for Lek Pharmaceuticals' plant-wide data.

Tacoma Power
Predix HMI / SCADA

Tacoma Power Reduces Cost and Risk with HMI/SCADA Virtualization

Learn how Tacoma Power implemented GE's HMI/SCADA system in a virtual environment for automation and control in order to optimize operations and reduce…

Predix HMI / SCADA

ANCAP Transforms Operations and Improves Efficiency with GE Digital

Learn how ANCAP is able to monitor field data including gas and liquid flow rates, composition analyzers, tank levels and volumes using GE Digital's HMI…

GE Aviation
Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems

GE Aviation Improves Manufacturing Productivity by Enabling a Smarter Factory

Learn how, by leveraging GE Digital’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), GE Aviation can accurately lay out its manufacturing processes and have better…