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Discover what's possible when you truly understand your asset data with Flight Analytics software from GE Digital

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Put your aviation data to work

The premier products and services in the Flight Analytics portfolio enable you to truly understand your asset data and deliver outcomes that move your business forward in fuel, safety, predictive maintenance, and beyond.

Introducing Aviation Insight Portal

Aviation Insight Portal.
Aviation Insight Portal.
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We’re modernizing GE’s Event Measurement System (EMS), one module at a time – Introducing the new Aviation Insight Portal. The new web-based Aviation Insight Portal from GE Digital Aviation Software houses our new and improved modules, packing all the sophistication and functionality of the EMS tool set into a simple, modern user interface.

The Flight Analytics portfolio leverages GE’s Event Measurement System. EMS is a comprehensive flight data processing platform that provides top of the line functionality, accuracy, and speed.


Our customers get ahead by integrating many disparate data sources such as weather, navigation, data, flight plans, load sheets, and more. EMS users gain valuable insights into their operations that no other solution can provide, making it the preferred analytics solution for aviation.


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