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Flight Analytics for Airlines

With a full spectrum of data at their fingertips, Airlines are empowered to operate at peak safety and efficiency – faster than before. 

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The premier products and services in the Flight Analytics for Commercial Aircraft portfolio, FlightPulse, E-FOQA, and Fuel Insight, enable you to truly understand your flight data and deliver outcomes that move your business forward in safety, efficiency, sustainability, and beyond.  



600 + Million

Nautical Air Miles of flight data analyzed in 190+ countries for 300+ airports

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eFOQA utilizes GE’s Event Measurement System to gather, cleanse, and process data to find solutions. It integrates disparate sources and analyzes data to extract valuable operational insights.

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Put your aviation data to work

The premier products and services in the Flight Analytics portfolio enable you to truly understand your asset data and deliver outcomes that move your business forward in fuel, safety, predictive maintenance, and beyond.


FlightPulse was designed by pilots, for pilots.

Safety Insight

Gather, cleanse, and process flight safety analytics.

Fuel Insight

Maximizing efficiency and minimizing their carbon footprint.

FlightPulse for Commercial Aircraft

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How it works

For existing Safety Insight customers, data from the EMS platform is organized specifically for the needs of a pilot. The Preflight module provides aggregated data from across the operation for more informed safety and fuel decisions, and departure briefings. The Post flight module provides secure access to a pilot’s individual flight history allowing them to analyze their own operation of the aircraft in relation to peers and self-discover areas to optimize safety and efficiency. 

Features and Benefits

  • Powered by analytics from the EMS platform for automated integration, cleansing, and data validation
  • Pilots access their data securely and privately through the mobile app
  • Preflight module with access to aggregate historical data for operational decision making
  • Post flight module with individualized flight metrics relative to anonymized peer statistics
  • Application runs on a pilot’s iPad


For aircraft operators who have:

  • Need to engage a remote and distributed workforce
  • Want to reduce safety events
  • Are looking for ways to save on fuel

For pilots who:

  • Want to collaborate with their company on flight risk management projects or fuel-saving initiatives
  • Want to cut through the stream of non-essential information to do their jobs better
  • Want access to more of their data
  • Want to see how they’re performing in relation to their peers

Help increase Safety Insight and reduce risk

Safety Aviation

Elevate Safety and Efficiency

eFOQA helps airlines improve safety and reduce carbon emissions. With fully automated data quality checks and error correction, airlines get better insights faster with less human intervention. Our Safety Dashboard and operational FlightPulse pilot app let your team cut through the noise and be more effective by focusing on what matters most – operating safely. And eFOQA takes safety a step further by including fuel efficiency analytics to help operators fly both safely and efficiently, identifying savings opportunities and quantifying the results. 


eFOQA utilizes GE’s Event Measurement System to gather, cleanse, and process data to find solutions. It integrates disparate sources and analyzes data to extract valuable operational insights.


See how you stack up against the industry to understand relative areas of risk

Get clean, accurate data with fewer false positives and higher confidence in the results

Integrated with ARINCDirect and Vector SMS to save time and help your pilots be safer

Increase Fuel Insight and reduce environmenral impact

Fuel Insight Aviation

Flight Efficiency with Fuel Insight

Leveraging the power of the EMS (Event Measurement System), a flight data analytics platform from GE Digital Aviation Software, Fuel Insight uses a patented method to fuse flight data (from the QAR or FDR) with an airlines operational data to deliver the most robust, accurate analytics on the market. Statistical insights are presented on a user-friendly Tableau dashboard interface, and Fuel analysts can use EMS Explorer to drill down into specific flights to identify causes of over or under burn. 
Our data services team is fully available to assist in project identification and change management initiatives. GE Digital, Aviation Software fuel and carbon analytics experts can help your airline identify areas of operational inefficiency, build programs to address, and track the savings. 

Flight Safety Features and Benefits:

  • Fast and accurate reporting of safety events that flight crews need to know about
  • Benchmarking of safety factors across all operators in our web-based dashboards allowing for comparisons
  • Reporting on approach stability, hard landings, severe turbulence, and runway safety
  • Simplified web-based interface for all reporting
  • Pre-configured by GE safety experts for your exact aircraft model’s operating characteristics


Fuel Insight Features and Benefits:

  • Fully automated data ingestion and error correction with access to more than 15 dashboards and fuel initiatives for all the internal departments
  • Project tracking customized to your operation
  • Actual versus planned on climb and descend statistics, change of planning over years, landing fuels, direct routing (shortcuts) and more
  • Drill down to the flight parameter level to identify root causes and share customized reports inside the organization
  • Utilize the aircraft performance monitoring tool to understand aircraft degradation


Aviation Sustainable collatoration

Fuel Insight

Analyze, track, and adjust to see optimal results.


Analyze fuel burn and track efficiency metrics to identify the top savings opportunities in your operation


Adjust procedures based on inefficiencies highlighted in Fuel Insight reports


See results in your data as fuel overspend diminishes over time

Explore GE Digital Software for the Aviation Industry

Aviation radar | aviation navigation | GE Digital software


GE Digital, Aviation Software puts data to work to produce insights 

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Aviation Software

Fuel Analytics

Help increase fuel efficiency, lower costs, and reduce carbon emissions with Fuel Insight software from GE Digital

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Aviation Software

Asset Records

Modernize the way you manage aircraft records and leased asset documentation with Asset Records software from GE Digital

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