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Navigate your way to a flight operating at peak environmental efficiency


Which of these industry challenges are you focused on solving?

  • Understand your flight data

    Discover outcomes in fuel, safety, predictive maintenance, and beyond

    Explore Flight Analytics
  • Improve flight safety and reduce risk

    Leverage end-to-end data collection, reporting, and analytics to optimize operating procedures and safety

    Explore Safety Insight
  • Modernize aircraft documentation

    Capture, manage, and exchange aircraft maintenance records online

    Explore Asset Records
  • Promote sustainability

    Leverage software to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions

    Explore Sustainability
  • Reduce inefficient airtime

    Integrate data sources to provide visualizations and analytics to reduce airspace waste

    Explore Airspace Insight
  • Navigate to the perfect flight

    Maintain flights operating at peak environmental efficiency

    Explore Perfect Flight
  • Optimize your aerospace manufacturing

    Drive smart manufacturing practices to increase efficiency and improve regulatory compliance

    Explore manufacturing solutions
  • Minimize the impact of disruptions

    Optimize the passenger experience and reduce costs by mitigating delays and cancellations

    Explore Network Operations

Putting flight data to work

GE Digital, Aviation Software puts data to work to produce insights that enable customers to enhance operator safety and efficiency, reduce operational disruptions, improve passenger experience, and make better decisions regarding real-time fleet health.

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Empowering Sustainability in Aviation

Flight data can help aviation with sustainability and reduced carbon footprint | GE Digital

At GE, we feel a responsibility to make our world better for future generations, and that includes ensuring that our customers are empowered to reduce the impact of their technology and environmental footprint within their operations as well.

Hear from our customers

We're proud of the results our clients have achieved with GE Digital Aviation Software.  Explore their stories.