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Putting aviation data to work

GE Digital puts aviation data to work to produce insights that enable customers to enhance operator safety and efficiency, reduce operational disruptions, improve passenger experience, and make better decisions regarding real-time fleet health.  

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Putting Data to Work - Across the Aviation Ecosystem

Discussion with Andrew Coleman, GM, Aviation Software
Discussion with Andrew Coleman, GM, Aviation Software
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Andrew Coleman, General Manager, Aviation Software joined Neenu Sharma, Acting Chief Marketing Officer, for a discussion around the recent news that the GE Aviation's Digital Group was joining GE Digital.


Watch the discussion and learn more about what this news means for our customers, the Aviation industry, and the strength of GE Digital's product portfolio. 

Empowering Sustainability in Aviation

At GE, we feel a responsibility to make our world better for future generations, and that includes ensuring that our customers are empowered to reduce the impact of their technology and environmental footprint within their operations as well.


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