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Channel Partners

Expand your sales pipeline and grow your customer base

GE Digital Chemical Plant

What is a channel partner?


Channel partners are a critical part of the GE Digital ecosystem, regardless of whether they act as an extension of the GE Digital sales team or distribute (resell) GE Digital products independently.


Channel partners have a unique opportunity to reach a new audience of industrial buyers and broaden their sales pipeline by leveraging GE Digital products and services.


Together, we are accelerating digital transformation across various verticals and are driving greater impact on the Industrial Internet across the globe.

Looking for a channel partner?

Leverage GE Digital's partner ecosystem of deep domain knowledge and industrial expertise.  Visit our Partner Finder and locate the best partners to meet your needs.

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Benefits of becoming a channel partner

Ignite your pipeline

Jump into the burgeoning arena of IIoT and unlock a new audience of industrial buyers to fill your pipeline.

Open new markets

Reach new markets and verticals—locally, regionally, and globally—and broaden a combined customer base.

Learn and grow

Take advantage of the many resources that are available—from live sales enablement webinars and downloadable content to online training courses and in-person boot camps.


One of our key customers has been on a journey for many years, doing a lot of what the Predix platform can do today—doing it the hard way. Bringing them along multiple sites, multiple countries, multiple process and trying to build that into an enterprise-scale application. At some point, that actually works, but it’s painful and it takes a long time. I think the opportunity is and I think we’ve got them understanding that we need to build this at a different level. We need to stop building this at the plant—we need to build it somewhere where we can scale faster and we can move faster. Because if we don’t do that, we’ll never get to where we want to go and they won’t get there. So, they’re starting to understand the business value of what the Predix cloud can do for them and it really is enterprise-scale. Things we’ve tried to do for years that were hard are starting to become easy.