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Moving into an era of digital energy

The utility sector continues to reshape itself to respond to market forces including distributed energy resources, climate change, energy demand and aging infrastructure. Our customers face a variety of challenges to continue operating efficiently while delivering reliable, affordable and cleaner electricity to consumers.

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Navigating an evolving power generation landscape

Drive efficient plant operations

Modernize work processes to achieve equipment reliability while reducing O&M costs. Get unparalleled analytic content for critical equipment and balance of plant to identify equipment issues- while optimizing maintenance strategy for your plant.

Optimize generation planning

Understand data driven day-ahead and real time power plant operation while optimizing start, turn down and turnup performance. Then make the most profitable use of that capacity through commitment preparation, fuel nomination and dispatch planning.

Operate from Anywhere

Set a strategy that addresses both contingency operations and the growing need to lower O&M costs. Secure access to plant controls allows remote employees to extend and reduce on-site staffing while maintaining reliability and compliance.

IDC Marketscape Names GE Digital a Leader in Utilities for Asset Performance Management

The future of power generation operations

GE Digital provides APM and OPM software for power generation operations

An industry in transition

The global power system is transitioning from large, centralized generation, transmission and distribution to one that also embraces distributed, digitally enhanced, and low-carbon technologies. Traditional and emerging, large and small, are all converging to create a new twenty-first-century power network.


We believe this energy future will be enabled by advanced analytics-driven software and GE Digital is striving to be the software partner of choice for the companies who will thrive in the emerging power marketplace.

Software applications for power generators

Transform your data into actionable intelligence

GE Digital's APM Reliability screenshot, helping companies achieve less unplanned downtime

Asset Performance

Asset Performance Management (APM) is a suite of software and services designed to help optimize the performance of your equipment, plant and fleet. With data connectivity, advanced analytics and work process automation, APM increases plant reliability while driving efficient a operations. APM’s rich functionality is available both as a cloud-based service based on the Predix Platform (Predix APM) as well as on-premises software (APM Classic). 

Optimize plant performance and dispatch


Operations Performance

Operations Performance Management (OPM) improves the performance of plants, sites, and generation portfolios. Analyzing historical data, plant operations and other data sources OPM monitors and diagnose issues or areas of improvement, predicts capacity and its cost to improve day ahead and intraday planning to drive desired outcomes for improved efficiency, flexibility, capacity and emissions. 

Secure and compliant remote/mobile operator controls

Remote Operations Command Center | Digital Energy | Industrial IIoT Software

Remote Operations

Remote Operations is a packaged software and appliance solution that provides remote/mobile operator access to essential on-site HMI monitoring and control functions. A unique secure network system, hard-token credentials and granular access controls ensure that remote, mobile and on-site operators can work independently or together in a secure and NERC-CIP compliant environment.

Rapid results with GE Industrial Managed Services

The GE Industrial Managed Services Team (IMS) provides a range of expert services to guide and facilitate your GE software success and digital initiatives. From monitoring to product and best-practices guidance, GE experts augment your team and help drive desired results.


Unique turnkey outsourcing services can deliver important benefits to customers on a continuing basis and with no software purchase required. IMS expert services for asset reliability, O&M strategy and plant performance make it simple, affordable and fast for any plant to operate as a best-in-class leader.


Learn more about our turnkey services:


Asset Reliability Service

O&M Strategy Service

Plant Performance Service


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