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Power Generation Software

Power Generation is evolving. GE Digital provides mission critical solutions for reliable, clean and economic power.

Gartner: 3 Actions to Address Emissions
Preventative maintenance software for Power Generators | GE Digital

We're all working through the energy transition.

And it can't happen without power generation software. Leverage technology to shape the future of your plant and fleets. To stay economically viable during the energy transition, advanced software to optimize plant performance, efficiency, flexibility and reliability starts with accurate data and analytics your teams can rely on.

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Plant optimization in action

Optimize your power plant with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Experience Performance Intelligence with Reliability

Learn how you can help improve fuel savings and empower your teams to act with greater speed and efficiency in order to maintain economic expectations for the asset.

Power Generators Globally Use GE Digital Software

Software to Accelerate Your Energy Transition

Asset Health & Condition Monitoring
Industrial Software

Asset Performance Management

APM applications can be used independently or together to provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring reliability and flexibility for power generation. 

Gas turbine optimization software from GE Digital helps power generation operators
Industrial Software

Gas Turbine Performance Software

Generate more power with less emissions and fuel

News Release for Carbon Emissions Management Software

Emissions Management Software

Emissions management software to confidently measure, manage, and operationalize your decarbonization strategy.

BoilerOpt Plant

Coal Power Plant Optimization

GE Digital’s BoilerOpt software offers coal power plant operators real-time optimization data for boiler systems to help minimize emissions, outages, and…

Remote Operations allow more flexible use of the expert workforce | GE Digital
Industrial Software

Remote Operations

Help ensure worker safety and operations continuity with secure remote operator controls.

Select resources for power generators from GE Digital
Industrial App

Capacity Optimization & Trading

Flex your gas plant to meet dynamic market demands.

Software for renewable energy | solar energy and wind energy | GE Digital

Solar Asset Management Software

Gain solar-specific analytics, visualizations, and insights to improve O&M strategies and increase solar plant yield.

Alpha Trader - Energy Market Simulation Software

Seamless Renewables Integration with Fleet Orchestration

Integrate renewables with existing assets for a reliable, efficient and sustainable dispatch planning.

Exelon Optimizes Wind Forecasting Accuracy with GE’s Predix Platform

Power Market Forecasting Software | Alpha Trader

Real-time and day ahead analytics to optimize profitability and minimize risk.

Ready to accelerate your journey through the energy transition? Let’s go.