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Outage Response

Interoperable tools utilities need to react to and even anticipate outages, minimizing disruption of service

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Helping utilities in extreme weather | GE

Maximize Grid Reliability and Minimize Network Downtime

Storm Assist
Storm Assist
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Beyond a traditional OMS

During weather events, electric utilities must quickly understand the extent and location of damage to network assets that may result in complex and nested outages. Specifically, utilities need the ability to assess the impact on the network, prepare repair actions, determine resource needs, dispatch repair crews, and communicate key damage and restoration information both internally and externally.


GE’s Outage Response is an end-to-end solution that provides electric utilities with the integrated tools needed to assess, dispatch, report, and restore power from outages caused by moderate and severe weather events, as well as everyday operations. GE’s solution reduces costs by enabling more efficient outage response and order dispatch management, especially during high-volume storm conditions.

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Storm assist from GE Digital | Preparedness for power outage response

Storm Assist Infographic

Outage Response software for utilities help performance in extreme weather | GE

Storm Readiness Overview

Preparedness for blue- and dark-sky days

Read about our latest enhancements to Storm Assist, helping electric utilities can rapidly decentralize and scale outage response workforce during periods of high activity with real-time event data. Learn how to rapidly decentralize your utility’s outage response workforce during periods of high activity.

GE's Outage Response solutions deliver

250K Calls/Hour

Effectively and efficiently manage 250,000+ calls per hour.

$2M Saved

Savings at a single utility via reduction in time required to manage large storms.

100 Truck Rolls

Savings every month at 2M customer electric distribution utility via crew dispatch optimization.

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Distributed Energy Resources | GE
White paper

Situational Intelligence Across the Digital Utility for Outage Response

Explores the ecosystem of human behaviors, traits and supporting technological advances that foster a heightened level of situational intelligence.

Software for utilities to manage performance in extreme weather | GE

Powering Through Extreme Weather

Watch to find out more about how GE is helping utilities reduce the time to restore power.

Software for utilities to manage performance in extreme weather | GE

Outage Restoration Solutions

Learn more about GE's comprehensive Outage Management & Mobile Storm Response solutions.

Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)
Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)
Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)

Learn more about ADMS solutions

GE Digital ADMS software assists transmission and utility customers
Industrial Apps

Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)

Safe, secure management and orchestration of the distribution grid

Distribution optimization helps power cities | GE Power
Digital Energy

Distribution Optimization

Greater visibility and control, delivering network-level optimization

Distributed Energy Resources | GE
Digital Energy

Renewables & DER Orchestration

Enable utilities to manage and orchestrate Renewables & DERs in an end-to-end manner, via flexible deployment options ranging from edge to cloud