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GeoSpatial Analysis Software

Advanced analysis and reporting on your utility and telecommunications network infrastructure

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From network data to valuable insights

Geospatial analysis software

A system of record with sophisticated models

Put the wealth of information included in your models to work to improve your business operations. Getting the essence of your network infrastructure and combining it with other business information enables organizations to get answers to questions that remain unanswered if data remains locked in their silos. Accessing and aggregating network infrastructure data will help you understand your network’s current state and it’s development over time - empowering you to apply resources effectively to handle network extensions, inspections, maintenance tasks and incidents.

Unlock your industrial data

Optimize resource management

Maximize network capacity management by identifying areas where network construction or maintenance will be required to meet future demand.

Meet reporting demands

Save time in creating ad hoc management reports and easily create scheduled reports to meet regulatory or financial requirements.

Provide historical insights

Understand how network infrastructure has developed over time to aid of planning network extensions, inspections, and maintenance tasks.

GeoSpatial Analysis product suite

GeoSpatial Analysis offers easy and efficient access to data from distinct, distributed spatial and non-spatial systems. This data can be shared across the enterprise, empowering a wide range of users with visualization, query, analysis and reporting capabilities.

GeoSpatial Analysis features

Geospatial analysis software

GSA Desktop editions

Deploy a desktop solution for everyone throughout the enterprise that provides easy-to-use visualization, analysis, and reporting tools on network infrastructure assets. Offer Standard, Professional, Ultimate versions for the casual user, the power user, and the business consultant respectively.

GSA Lite

GSA Online Editions

Target a wide audience with user-friendly online deployments for straightforward access to network infrastructure maps, queries, analyses, and reports.

Geospatial analysis software

GSA Warehouse

Shape and combine network infrastructure information, applying best practices from the data warehouse domain to all geospatial and alphanumeric data sources. Setup a consistent and reproducible data repository and go back in time for historical and time-based analyses of your data.

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