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GE Digital

GE Digital software applications: Helping you drive performance in the IIoT

Achieve business outcomes that matter. GE Digital’s product portfolio – including grid optimization and analytics, asset and operations performance management, and manufacturing operations and automation – helps industrial companies in the utility, power generation, oil & gas, manufacturing and other industrial sectors put their industrial data to work.

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Cyber Security

Achilles Communications Certified Products

Discover how you can better communicate OT security expectations to vendors…

For Manufacturers

Achilles Practices Certified Solutions

Achilles Practices Certification ensures device manufacturers include cyber…

Achilles Test Platform
OT Security

Achilles Test Platform

Find vulnerabilities through automated network testing tailored to OT…

GE Digital ADMS software assists transmission and utility customers
Digital Energy

Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS)

Go beyond traditional distribution management systems.

Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS) | GE | Power Digital
Industrial Apps

Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS)

The framework to master progressively renewable generation by integrating…

Advanced Market Management System | Transmission Industry | GE | banner
Industrial Apps

Advanced Market Management System (AMMS)

Integrated solutions suite for energy market management

APM Health software from GE Digital helps petrochemical plants reduce asset performance risk
Industrial Apps

APM Health

Standardize the collection, integration, modeling, and analysis of disparate…

APM Integrity software used by oil refineries for managing risk
Industrial Apps

APM Integrity

Ensure asset integrity and compliance by monitoring changing risk conditions…

APM Reliability software helps the bottling industry improve operations performance
Industrial Apps

APM Reliability

Achieve less unplanned downtime by predicting equipment issues before they…

APM Strategy software from GE Digital helps automobile manufacturers improve performance
Industrial Apps

APM Strategy

Develop asset strategies to optimize across availability, reliability, and…

Operator using HMI/SCADA Workflow software from GE Digital
Industrial Apps


Optimize operator efficiency with high performance HMI while reducing risk…

Digital Transformation

Data Science Services

Using a combination of physical principles, empirical knowledge, and data…

Distributed Energy Resources | GE
Digital Energy

DER Orchestration

Enable utilities to manage and orchestrate DERs in an end-to-end manner, via…

GE Digital Industrial Internet advisory services
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Advisory

Engage your senior business leaders in changing the world of industrial…

IIoT Platform

Digital Twin

Digitize assets and processes to enable better industrial outcomes.

Digital Worker for Power, Utilities & Telecom | GE Digital
Digital Energy

Digital Worker for Power, Utilities & Telecoms

See how mobile service delivery solutions give workers the information they…

Digital Worker for Power Generation | Power Digital | GE
Digital Worker for Power, Utilities & Telecoms

Digital Worker: Power Generation

Mobile service delivery solutions give workers the information they need,…

Digital Worker for Power, Utilities & Telecom | GE Digital
Digital Worker for Power, Utilities & Telecoms

Digital Worker: Utilities & Telecoms

Mobility for utilities and telecommunications — bringing the office to the…

Distribution optimization helps power cities | GE Power
Digital Energy

Distribution Optimization

Greater visibility and control, delivering network-level optimization

Industrial Apps

Dream Report for Proficy

Powerful reporting to help improve performance and meet operational goals.

Offshore oil rigs can use GE Digital software applications for preventative maintenance
IIoT Platform


Predix Platform provides a deployment model that spans cloud, on-premise,…

GE Digital technical software education services
Digital Transformation

Education Services

Provide product training, industry education, and rigorous certification…

Industrial operations using GE Digital software
Industrial Apps

Enhance the Performance of CIMPLICITY

Additional options to deliver faster operator response.

iFIX HMI SCADA software used in industrial operations | GE Digital
Industrial Apps

Enhance the Performance of iFIX

Additional solutions to further improve operator efficiency