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Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS)

The framework to master progressively renewable generation by integrating EMS WAMS renewable and analytics into a modular solution.

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Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS) | GE | Power Digital

Advanced EMS: Your solution to master renewable and digital transformation

The new EMS reference | Solutions for transmission | GE DigitalThe new EMS reference | Solutions for transmission | GE Digital

Digital transformation and rise of renewables

The digital transformation of utilities requires full mobilization of network assets in a reliable way to ensure maximum transmission of energy from multiple sources. High renewable energy penetration, intermittency and low inertia generate an increased level of threats, which require a full understanding of real-time and future network status, to allow a fast response as rapid changes occur.


GE’s Advanced EMS integrates the power of EMS, Renewables, WAMS and Analytics to enable operators to better operate, optimize and analyze while minimizing risk and increasing flexibility.

Are you prepared for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking RMS0-16-000?


In order to improve the accuracy of transmission line ratings, FERC is proposing the adoption of Ambient Adjusted Line Ratings (AAR) to unlock new capacity and decrease transmission congestion, therefore promoting savings on the price of energy, operating reserves, and other ancillary services.GE Digital’s AEMS Platform Dynamic Ratings  is available today and fully meets FERC requirements.


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Benefits of Advanced Energy Management System

Up to 100k switching operations per year

Up to 100% more VAR dispatch controls

Up to 20x faster to integrate external network model

Up to 100% renewable energy resource penetration

Up to 30 minute detection ahead of potential black out

Up to 25% increase in transmission line capacity with DLR and WAMS

AEMS Solutions

The Common Information Model (CIM) component of Network Digital Twin

CIM | Collaborative Network Model | AEMS | GE Digital

Network Modeling Manager (NMM)

CIM is a leap forward in traditional modeling of electric networks.


A new power system model management application for effectively managing time-based models, across multiple business domains within the enterprise (Operations, Planning, Protection) and with neighboring utilities. It provides a complete business process automation for importing, aggregating, validating, and exporting models in different formats, including CIM-16/CGMES. The models are validated for wide areas from a network security or market perspective. They are validated for the short and mid-term, for multiple points in time.


Network Modeling Manager benefits:


  • Model merge and validation capabilities
  • Comprehensive Network Analysis Study for Wide Area and Look Ahead on single or merged models
  • Elimination of duplicate modeling efforts
  • Automation of manual processes and reduced response time to complete studies
  • Import/export of different formats (CIM/CGMES Standards and multiple vendors)
  • Supports planning, operational, and a combination of both models
  • Improves quality and accuracy of the model, thus reducing likelihood of errors
  • Based on the same algorithms proven in Real-Time EMS


SCADA at the core of power systems monitoring and control

SCADA engineer | GE


Power systems monitoring requires increasingly extremely large amounts of information - millions of points or more - coming from multiple sources, manually or automatically, and at different points in time, each with their own resolution and quality.


SCADA collects all this information in real time to:


  • Process in terms of validity, usability, and accuracy, and store data for future analysis.
  • Combine into a flexible, simple, or complex calculation.
  • Provide operators and other control systems with flags and alarms, which are valuable for action and control.
  • Feed advanced applications such as network security and generation dispatch.


SCADA benefits:


  • Rapidly gain access to information and insight into any anomalies
  • Fast and automated power system actions under control of authorized operators
  • Powerful and customizable calculations
  • Standard displays set and adapt to real-case scenarios
  • Historical replays for improvement and audits

Make visible the invisible – A new vision of the network

AEMS-WAMS | GE Digital | Screenshot

Wide Area Management System (WAMS)

AEMS now embeds WAMS and Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) as an inside component of the solution. Network security and efficiency is augmented as a result of data resolution provided by phasor data and associated analysis. Coupled with the DSA TSA model approach, WAMS Look Ahead forecasting predicts future network situations.


Stability applications:


  • Angle-based Grid Management
  • Enhanced Island Management
  • Enhanced Disturbance Management
  • Alarm Management


Wide Area Management System (WAMS) Benefits:


  • Increase Reliability and Resiliency:
    • Stability limits, island recovery, wide area defense
    • Restoration and fast resynchronization
  • Increase capacity:
    • Corridor transfer, voltage stability
  • High renewable penetration:
    • Angle constraints control
    • Fast frequency response with low inertia
  • Accelerate disturbance analysis with true data

Renewable generation assessment and forecast to evaluate and correct powerflow impact

Software for renewable energy monitoring | GE | screenshot


AEMS Renewables Operation Portal models, monitors, and controls renewable and distributed energy resources to anticipate and respond to power balance requirements.


AEMS Renewables Look Ahead forecasts potential risks and provides recommendations for remedial actions to operators, to optimize generation dispatch and control, and for overall improvement in grid security.


Renewable Energy Resource benefits:


  • Reduce RE curtailment
  • Minimize spinning and non-spinning reserve
  • Reduce reaction time via EMS automation layers
  • Improve forecast, thanks to multiple forecast tool blending
  • Operator awareness of RE generation in distribution network

The power systems applications of reference

Network security and optimization software for transmission providers | GE

Network Security and Optimization

At the Heart of the Advanced EMS solution, Network Security and Optimization ensures the network will not collapse while optimizing the operations. Key applications includes:


  • Contingency Analysis
  • Contingency Planning
  • Corrective Controls
  • Dynamic Line Rating
  • Load Flow Calculation
  • Loss Minimization
  • Operator Guide
  • Optimal Power Flow
  • Quick Network Analysis
  • Schemes (RAS)
  • Security Constraint Dispatch
  • Security Enhancement
  • Short-Circuit Analysis
  • Small Signal Stability
  • Special Protection Schemes and Remedial Action
  • State Estimation
  • Topology Estimator
  • Topology Processor
  • Transient Stability
  • Voltage Stability
  • Voltage/VAR Dispatch
  • Volt-Var Control (VVC)


Network Security and Optimization Benefits:


  • More power flow transfer through the network
  • Increase security with identification of true limits
  • Improve reliability
  • Preserve investment, thanks to extension points for special customer schemes

Managing conventional and renewable generation

Generation control and optimization software for transmission providers | GE

Generation Control

These core generation applications of an energy management system operate in regulated or non-regulated markets. The applications are renewable-ready to manage a wind farm, PV injection, and storage (batteries):


  • Automatic Generation Control
  • Economic Dispatch
  • Generation Scheduling
  • HVDC Control
  • Impact of DER including Storage
  • Load Forecast
  • Market Interface
  • Multi-Area Load-Frequency Control
  • Real Time and Study Modes
  • Renewable / DER Smart Dispatch and Curtailment
  • Reserve Monitoring
  • Transaction Scheduling
  • Unit Commitment


Generation Control and Optimization benefits:


  • Integrate renewable and HVDC
  • Fast control
  • Optimal dispatch in cost or market environment
  • Preserve investment, thanks to extension points for special customer schemes

From Reactive + Responsive Restoration to Prescriptive and Autonomous Restoration

RTSRM | Transmission solution | GE Digital

Real-Time Shutdown & Restoration Manager (RTSMR)

  • Efficient assessment of a power system event.
  • Restoration plan not as manually driven.
  • Avoid unintentional situations (de-energization, new island, non-sustainable frequency, excessive pick-up load, critical violations, etc.).
  • Create clear operator awareness of the situation and restoration steps.


Real-Time System Restoration Manager benefits:


  • Faster restoration of power after islanding or blackout.
  • A what-if assessment, thanks to digitization of existing restoration plans and trial using DTS.
  • Auto-generation of new restoration plans matching available assets.
  • NERC compliance > DTS auto-validation of plans.

Automating voltage dispatch control

AEMO VDS : Voltage action on assets by day  in a year | GE Digital

Voltage Dispatch Scheduler (VDS)

  • Fast generation and demand variations requiring frequent voltage adjustment.
  • Operator efficiency with hundreds of controls (AEMO was over 300 reactive controls per day).
  • Secure base case voltage range through the system.
  • Maintain secure voltage post contingencies.
  • Restoration to secure voltage after event.


Voltage Dispatch Scheduler benefits:


  • Minimize controls over time > save asset live time.
  • Optimal cost activation of multiple available controls: shunts, transformer taps, SVC and aggregated control schemes.
  • Conformance monitoring.

Training and study environment integrating WAMS for operators and engineers

Grid simulation | AEMS | GE Digital


Grid Simulation — The Dispatch Training Simulator (DTS) is a perfect replication of AEMS Initialization from a real time and historian snapshot.


The Dynamic Dispatch Training Simulator captures transient behavior of the power system following a disturbance or switching action. It provides sub-second simulated phasor data in the DTS environment.


The simulator enables the training of WAMS applications to facilitate operator adoption.


Grid Simulation benefits:


  • OPEX cost savings: same technology as AEMS
  • Fast set up of simulation with real time and historian data snapshot
  • Trainee evaluation and grading
  • First WAMS–EMS simulator

Extracting value from industrial data

Grid analytics software | energy analytics | transmission utilities | GE DigitalGrid analytics software | energy analytics | transmission utilities | GE Digital


AEMS provides a unified intelligent platform to manage data and provide operational intelligence from analytics.


Effective Inertia use case: renewable generation has led to a massive displacement of system inertia, requiring enhanced system visibility and understanding to deliver fast-acting response services.


Effective inertia measures the combined inertia-like effects of rotating machines, passive load responses, and active generator controls.


GE Effective Inertia metering is nonintrusive, with no injection of forced stimulation into the network. WAMS data and analytics measures effective inertia. Coupled with WAMS control, fast frequency response provide full set application. 


Analytics Effective Inertia benefits;


  • Increase network resilience
  • Prevent potential blackout
  • Reduce curtailment fees and penalties
  • Lower frequency response services cost
  • Reduce high cost spinning reserve

Digital Energy User Experience (UI/UX)

Digital Energy's UX/UI
Digital Energy's UX/UI
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Making users’ lives easier

GE Digital Energy's software now delivers an intuitive, predictive, and dynamic user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to enhance overall situational awareness.

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