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Power and Transmission and Grid Management Systems

Grid management system for 100% renewable energy

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GE Solutions for the Transmission industry

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Power transmission solutions

Solutions with high availability that enable intense variable renewable penetration with modular, scalable, and high-performance power system applications and analytics, for energy management and trading.

Enterprise Industrial Data Management for Power Transmission and Distribution

Learn how you can use integrated utility data management to achieve improved data storage, visualization, analysis, reporting and analytics.  Register today for this complimentary webinar.

Native Interoperability


GE is the only vendor with proven solution breadth and depth, industry experience and technology expertise to provide electric utilities with end-to-end grid management system solutions. GE’s Native Interoperability spans across the software portfolio (AEMS, ADMSGISMobility and Grid Analytics) and provides utilities with a unique alternative to highly customized and complex interfaces and expensive integration costs, while delivering significantly reduced total cost of ownership, increased speed of implementation, and harmonized data across the network. 

Solutions for the Power Transmission industry

Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS)

Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS) | GE | Power DigitalAdvanced Energy Management System (AEMS) | GE | Power Digital

The new EMS reference

The grid is moving to substantially increase intermittent Variable Renewable Energy “VRE” (wind and solar) to over 50% average yearly production by 2050. Already, some grids are handling over 100% VRE in a full day.


GE has been deeply associated with pioneering countries and has gained valuable experience that allows them to reach over 50% of VRE in their energy mix. GE Advanced EMS provides the solution to overcome challenges in operating within the new dynamics and complexities of today’s power systems.


GE’s Advanced EMS is the framework to master renewable generation by integrating EMS, WAMS, Renewable, and Analytics into a modular solution.


Advanced Market Management System (AMMS)

Advanced Market Management System | Transmission Industry | GE

The market system for the new world

Energy Market Systems are facing a transformation in terms of energy pricing, the value of services from regulation, dynamics in timing, and participant profiles and numbers. New regulations will appear as the renewable journey continues, requiring flexible market systems. GE’s Advanced Market System is designed to cope with this transformation. Advanced MMS is built in dense coordination with major leading RTOs in North America and with European market authorities.


GE’s Advanced MMS is the framework to master energy trading with high renewable generation, by integrating Core Market operations, Modeling, and Analytics into one modular solution.

Wide Area Management System and Control (WAMS-WAMC)

Wide Area Management System and Control (WAMS - WAMC) | GEWide Area Management System and Control (WAMS - WAMC) | GE

Make visible the invisible – A new vision of the network

Wide Area Management Systems (WAMS) leverage the use of synchronized high-resolution data from phasor measurement units (PMUs) to monitor and improve the performance of transmission and distribution networks. WAMS provides readings and insights which can reveal information about stability, system security and efficiency, enabling Operators, Analysts and Planners to respond rapidly, accurately, and appropriately to system conditions.


By providing the fast frequency response needed for low inertia power systems, WAMS can help manage increased renewable penetration in the grid. Integrated with an Energy Management System (EMS) and Analytics, WAMS can provide a unified visualization platform to better manage grid reliability and maximize transfer capacity.

Automation Essentials

Transmission control center | GE Digital software in use for T&D

SCADA EMS essentials for small to medium utilities

Robust, secure, and scalable, SCADA EMS is an energy automation and monitoring system that can help you meet the demands of today’s grid and energy landscape without blowing your bottom line. Automation Essentials provides insight and data to monitor and improve your operations. Automation Essentials is easy and cost-effective to install and maintain.


GE’s Digital Energy Automation Essentials gives you all the power of an advanced solution, tailored to the size and needs of your business.

Digital Energy User Experience (UI/UX)

Digital Energy's UX/UI
Digital Energy's UX/UI
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Making users’ lives easier

GE Digital Energy's software now delivers an intuitive, predictive, and dynamic user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to enhance overall situational awareness.

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