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Advanced Market Management System (AMMS)

Integrated solutions suite for energy market management

Advanced Market Management System | Transmission Industry | GE | bannerAdvanced Market Management System | Transmission Industry | GE | banner

The Market solution to enable the energy transformation

Advanced Market Management System | AMMS diagram | GE Digital

Market solutions are designed around a modern architecture that supports product-based modules. These modules are reusable and can be easily implemented in a short amount of time to meet tight regulatory deadlines. A wide range of market applications are covered:

  • Forward capacity markets
  • Financial Transmission Rights (FTR)
  • Day-ahead and real-time markets (security constrained commitment, scheduling, and dispatching)
  • Look-ahead and fast-start resource commitment and dispatch
  • ENTSO-E capacity allocation
  • Scheduling and balancing market
  • Settlements

Native Interoperability

GE is the only vendor with the industry experience, technology expertise, and proven solution breadth and depth to provide electric utilities with end-to-end transmission solutions. GE’s Native Interoperability spans across software portfolios (AEMS, AMMS, WAMS, ADMS, GIS, Mobility and Analytics) and provides utilities with a unique alternative to highly customized and complex interfaces, significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

Additive Energy Management Systems include:

Advanced EMS

EMS-WAMS, renewables and analytics integration increase network optimization, improve system security and capacity and enhance operator and analyst decision making.

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Grid Analytics

Leveraging our data fabric, Grid Analytics enables grid operations to drive new business value and outcomes from real-time, historic and forecast data across the distribution business. GE’s Grid Analytics not only delivers additive predictive insights, but also drives better operational performance through a growing suite of customer use cases for advanced simulation and network level optimization. 

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Benefits of Advanced Market Management System

Integrated suite of modular applications, high performing to solve market clearing and settlements in a short time

Advanced optimization solutions used by large electricity market footprints (150+ GW) which enabled 100M$+ savings

AMMS Solutions

The leading market solutions in North America

Advanced Market Management System | Transmission Industry | GE


Market provides interfaces to the Market Operators Interface (MOI) and the Market Users (participants) Interface (MUI), ensures proper market control and market clearing based on auction received from participants and market rules.


Market features an advanced optimization engine used to clear the market bids in the day-ahead and real-time markets based on market rules and customer requirements. This application brings to the Advanced Market System the capability to combine financial and physical considerations to the market clearing process. It also features a built-in pricing capability, ranging from system price or regional price to nodal price (locational margin pricing, or LMP).


Market benefits


  • Low risk, field-proven solution based on solid product engineering and roadmap.
  • Very flexible platform to cope with future changes (e.g. settlements equations).
  • A suite of products offered by a trusted partner with experts in markets and power systems: make sure that contractual flow can reliably flow on the grid.
  • Open-IT system with many integration points to secure your investment and seamlessly integrate MMS into your enterprise IT.
  • Ready for digital transformation and big data analytics.

The leading solution in EU capacity market

Advanced Market Management System | Transmission Industry | GE


Market ENTSO-E system is the Advanced Market Management System based solution for the European market following EU (ENTSO-E, ACER). It provides an integrated suite of products for managing transmission capacity allocation, scheduling, reserves, balancing of energy, and settlements:

  • Market ENTSO-E Capacity Auction: Manages the allocation of the transmission capacity according to the ENTSO-E Capacity Allocation and Nomination System (ECAN).
  • Market ENTSO-E Scheduling: Supports interconnection and trade, as well as production and consumption scheduling, according to the ENTSO-E Scheduling System (ESS).
  • Market ENTSO-E Balancing: Implements reserve allocation and balancing of energy according to the ENTSO-E Reserve Resource Process (ERRP).
  • Settlements ENTSO-E: Provides a flexible solution to operate settlements and billing according to the ENTSO-E Settlement Process (ESP)


Market EU ENTSO-E benefits


  • Meet and adapt to European regulations.
  • Low-risk approach thanks to field-proven solutions based on R&D products, so NOT a one-off solution tailor-made for one customer only.
  • Trusted partner with experts in markets (MMS) and power systems (EMS): makes sure that contractual flow can reliably flow on the grid.

Settlement package for market participants and transmission system operators

Energy market management


Energy markets and transmission systems are intricate entities with multiple products, customized business rules, and real-time delivery and operational needs. Participants enter business-critical market transactions or transmission contracts, and then rely on a settlement system to finalize the charges, credits, costs, and fees associated with their financial transactions.


GE’s Settlements is the solution you need to perform this objective effectively, efficiently, and with high accuracy, for one or multiple markets.


When using GE’s Settlements, you can rest assured that all the results are auditable and can be easily traced back step-by-step to their point of origin.


Settlement benefits


  • A lower cost option to operate and support, thanks to user configurable and standards-based technology.
  • Highly adaptable solutions that can be easily modified to meet any regulatory or market rules, with revisions for multiple products without software changes.
  • An intuitive user interface that includes a graphical representation of the settlements equations, and with straightforward ways to get your data into familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Automatically generated documents for settlements equations.
  • Easy comparisons of settlements statements using graphical representations that identify differences at a glance.
  • Easy submission of disputed charges.
  • One central solution that reduces the overhead and maintenance costs associated with storing data in multiple locations.

Digital Energy User Experience (UI/UX)

Digital Energy's UX/UI
Digital Energy's UX/UI
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Making users’ lives easier

GE Digital Energy's software now delivers an intuitive, predictive, and dynamic user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to enhance overall situational awareness.

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