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Digital Energy User Experience (UI/UX)

Delivers intuitive, predictive, and dynamic situational awareness

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UX/UI User Experience for Utilities software redesigned | GE DIgital

Making users’ lives easier

GE Digital Energy's software now delivers an intuitive, predictive, and dynamic user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to enhance overall situational awareness.

Advanced software, yet simplified workflows

Digital Energy's Intuitive, Dynamic UX/UI raises the bar for grid software

Equipping utility personnel

The energy environment is growing more complex. More information sources, more screens, and a greater influx of data, are overwhelming utility staff and crew. Yet they need to react faster and make critical decisions in an increasingly collaborative environment while ensuring safe and secure operations.


Download the white paper and read how we're raising the bar and setting the new user experience standard for the Grid.

UX/UI User Experience for Utilities software redesigned | GE DIgital

Supplying the right data at the right time

With Digital Energy's intuitive and dynamic UI/UX, you can reduce operator stress by guiding users to make critical decisions with greater accuracy and agility. Reap the benefits of better situational awareness and predictive, proactive grid management capabilities.

Making top tools accessible & easy to use

Intuitive Visualization

Avoid information overload with an intuitive and consistent omni-channel user experience tailored to personas, roles, and systems.

Predictive trusted recommendations

Move away from the responsive, reactive model. Be more predictive and prescriptive with guided access to the data needed to help make better decisions

Simplified, dynamic workflows

Adjust to network conditions to assure network reliability and safety whether it's a blue sky day or stormy weather.

“Its never been more crucial to equip utility personnel with a seamless and frictionless digital user experience, supplying the right data at the right time and empowering users to optimize their operational decision making.”

- Jim Walsh, General Manager, Grid Software Solutions, GE Digital

Raising the bar for operational experience

Learn more about the intuitive, predictive, and dynamic UX/UI available today for GE’s Digitals end-to-end solutions. Or, join our collaborative UX design process discussions.  GE Digital Energy relies on user participation from utility operators throughout the development cycle.