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Electric Utilities

GridOS® Data Fabric Webinar

32 mins

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To orchestrate the grid - including managing renewables at scale, keeping track of millions of distributed energy resources (DERs), and proactively managing disruptions from climate change – utilities need to unlock the power of data. Utilities need to be able to securely combine data, bridging traditional data silos, both internally and external to easily deliver intelligent grid operations. Utilities also need to harness data for AI/ML to drive effective grid automation and to empower operators and planners with intuitive decision support.

To meet these challenges, utilities need a grid data fabric for easy access to data while ensuring its quality. This data layer ensures that enterprise data is available, instead of siloed, to power applications across OT and IT and enable AI for automated grid operations. Today, our grid data fabric provides a uniform data and API access layer enabling use cases such as leveraging live, publicly available data sources (weather, fire), using SQL to combine and enrich data from multiple sources for faster grid insights, and enabling self-service dashboards for operators, field personnel and regulatory needs.


In this webinar, learn how the GridOS® data fabric enables easier integration of energy data, from inside and outside the enterprise, across OT and IT, at scale to bridge data silos. See how data federation, metadata management, flexible data orchestration and data self-service can quickly enhance data-driven decisions and form the basis of advanced intelligent grid applications. These intelligent applications can enable use cases, ranging from enhanced and automated real-time grid operations to look-ahead grid orchestration, while empowering the grid to be auto-discoverable and self-healing.