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Generation Optimization Software

Real-time and day ahead analytics to optimize profitability and minimize risk

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Solar panels in a desert terrain are watched for performance by GE's APM software

Alpha Trader

Alpha Trader - Energy Market Simulation Software

Shift day ahead market participation from a guessing game to a risk management decision

Looking back over past performance results, did you miss out on opportunities?


Did a market variation catch you by surprise?  



Get proven predictions with AI/ML-powered energy market recommendations that provides day ahead recommendations to optimize your energy portfolio for wholesale market participation

How much energy can my asset generate tomorrow? 

How much will that energy be worth? 

What is the right offer strategy to match my risk profile’

Software to help optimize renewable power generation | GE Digital

How Alpha Trader Power Market Forecasting Software Works

Optimize the balance between portfolio risk and revenue leveraging our proprietary predictions of asset performance and market prices.

Digital Twins

Digital Twin models for each facility in your portfolio continuously updating based on actual performance


Machine Learning models for all relevant market prices that affect your portfolio economics

Intuitive User Experience

Easy-to-access software user interface that provides actionable recommendations

Insights for:

Offer recommendations, commitment preparation and fuel nomination

Balance Risk and Revenue. Alpha Trader provides insights for all energy market participants.

Software for renewable energy | solar energy and wind energy | GE Digital
Power Offtaker


Reduce risk for power offtakers, increase generation and revenue for merchant facilities and decrease generation uncertainty.

CENAL’s Karabiga Steam Power Plant, Turkey | GE Digital Customer story

Thermal Generators

Optimize commitment preparation, dispatch planning and fuel nomination.

Utility operators need GE Digital's intuitive user experience for today's complex operations

Energy Traders

Improve bid strategy and increase profit.

Merchant Operator Advice


Increase revenues by optimally participating in the day ahead market instead of reacting only to real time prices.

Try Alpha Trader for renewables and mixed fleets

Get proven predictions with a AI/ML model that provides day ahead recommendations to optimize your energy portfolio for wholesale market participation.

See the Power of AI/ML Energy Market Recommendations

Offtake Risk Advisor Video

Offtake Risk Advisor

Learn how Alpha Trader’s AI/ML day ahead insights improve renewable project returns.

Merchant Operation Risk Advisor Video

Merchant Operation Risk Advisor

 Insights to manage risk and reduce uncertainty to improve portfolio results.