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Coal Power Plant Optimization

BoilerOpt software for real-time boiler plant optimization that minimizes emissions, outages and maintenance costs.

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BoilerOpt Plant

Why continue to depend on constant tradeoffs?

Give time back to your operators quickly improve plant productivity.


BoilerOpt works within existing plant technology to improve boiler productivity and air-fuel ratios in a closed-loop system. To provide real-time optimization, a combination of AI/ML, expert rules, thermodynamic calculations and model-based control algorithms are employed 24/7/365. Achieve reduced heat rate and emissions outcomes, while simultaneously observing operating constraints such as CO and other limits.

Controlled Variables

Variables we want to control

  • Superheat steam temperature
  • Reheat steam temperature
  • Boiler outlet gas temperature
  • Excess O2
  • CO, NOx and opacity

BoilerOpt includes CombustionOpt and SootOpt

Achieve better boiler combustion & emissions

Manipulated Variables

Variables we can to manipulate

  • Tilts
  • Fuel distribution
  • Windbox to furnace differential pressure
  • Air supply distribution

Disturbance Variables

Variables that be changed, but affect operations

  • Ambient conditions
  • Unit demand
  • Fuel composition

Why continue to depend on constant tradeoffs?

BoilerOpt Graphic

A software for closed-loop optimization of fuel and air bias in real time and at all operating loads

BoilerOpt is a closed-loop optimizer layered on top of your control system to affect air-fuel
ratios and flue gas-steam heat transfer, to improve boiler productivity, steam temperatures and


Affordable and quick implementation provides a return on investment in as little as 6 months. And, with no need to shut down the plant.


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Leading Power Generators use BoilerOpt for Reduced Emissions

Cenal Plant

CENAL’s Karabiga Steam Power Plant Achieves More than 700K USD Annual Savings with BoilerOpt

As Turkey transforms energy production to a renewable base, coal power plants play an essential role. It is critical that power generation from coal stabilize delivery to ensure no shortages occur. At the same time, however, Turkey requires this stabilization to occur with as little an emissions footprint as possible.

TES Steam Plant

Central European Power Plant Utilizes GE Software for More Reliable, Affordable Energy

Situated in central Europe, Slovenia continues to rely heavily upon coal as a primary or baseload source of power. Nearly one-third of the country’s power comes from the 1,024 MW Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant installed capacities. In periods of emergency, the plant can cover more than one half of the national demand, consuming between 3.5 and 3.8 million tons of coal annually.

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Contact a BoilerOpt expert to learn how you can improve your steam power plant performance, reduce heat rate, and reduce NOx with CO control.

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