Improve power grid resiliency and reliability

GridOS Orchestration Software helps minimize the impact of disruptive events, reducing power interruptions, damages, costs, and overall duration of outages. Improve resiliency and reliability with GridOS robust, yet intuitive solutions.

Fewer grid network outages


GE Vernova customers experience 18% fewer network outages*

Faster restoration times


GE Vernova customers realize 40% faster restoration times*

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*Data source from Annual Electric Power Industry Report, Form EIA-861, October 2022, results based on utilities
in the United States that have 1.25 million customers or more. Reliability data reflects average SAIDI and SAIFI with MEDs.

grid orchestration software

Here's a look at how GridOS can help


In advance:

Proactive planning is key to softening the impact of disruptive events. Unlock a two-pronged approach to disruption preparation with GridOS software solutions. Leverage Visual Intelligence throughout the year to identify and trim the exact spots where hazardous vegetation threatens your assets, maximizing efficiency and precision. Then call on Disruption Readiness up to 72 hours before an approaching storm to assess its likely trajectory and impact on your network – giving you time to mobilize recovery resources, protect vulnerable infrastructure, and other key preparations.

In the moment:

As a disruptive event unfolds, trust the storm-proven Enterprise OMS (Outage Management System) to help assess, dispatch, report, and restore power from outages caused by moderate and severe weather events. Inside the Enterprise OMS system lies a critical piece for restoration, Outage Assist, ensuring crews are dispatched to the affected areas ensuing the fastest restoration times.

In the aftermath:

Storm Manager provides a single hub for managing the complex logistics associated with disruption recovery. It connects all the major players involved in emergency response operations, from utility to insurance adjusters and firefighters, to FEMA agents and DoT workers. With Storm Manager you can acquire and activate recovery crews, track workers’ time and expenses, directly communicate with the field and other essential tasks.

Learn how GridOS can help you minimize
the impact of disruptive events

grid disruption software

Software for power grid disruptions

GridOS provides an end-to-end sequence of solutions for the before, during and after a disruptive event. Learn how it can help reduce outages, unlock proactive planning, and more.

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Maximizing grid resiliency against disruptions requires a two-pronged approach – a long-term strategy throughout the year, and a short-term strategy to activate just before the storm hits.

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grid disruption software

A truly disruption-minded culture requires awareness, trust, and technology

Your employees should always be thinking of ways to minimize the impact of disruptions. Here's how to ensure that through awareness, trust, and the right software. 

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A surprising way to improve your storm recovery efforts

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