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Configuration Templates: Accelerators

Pre-built data templates and configurations for equipment health monitoring, predictive analytics, asset maintenance strategies, and business process workflows.

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What are Accelerators?

Configuration templates for asset performance management

Accelerators are best-in-class configuration templates for Asset Performance Management and other GE Digital solutions. They are pre-built data templates for equipment health monitoring, predictive analytics, asset maintenance strategies, and business process workflows.


Reduce the valuable time and resources it takes to build custom processes and configurations on equipment.  With Accelerators, you can benefit from the proficiency of energy subject matter experts and best practices from GE Digital’s Engineers and technology partners.  

Accelerate an enterprise-level asset reliability and performance program with confidence

Asset Performance Management Visualization | GE Digital Software

The increasing complexity and scale of industrial facilities, along with the need for market flexibility, require applying asset performance practices to a much wider array of equipment, using more advanced digital technologies.


Accelerators help energy companies expand asset management processes without spending more time and resources building custom configurations and health monitoring techniques.

Benefits of Accelerators

Achieve business results faster

Expand reliability to more assets by consolidating and analyzing maintenance process across the plant and fleet. Accelerators set the foundation to prioritize the right maintenance activities to help users navigate work processes and gain financial value – at the facility and the enterprise.

Save thousands of development and configuration hours

Focus teams and resources on running the business instead of learning, configuring, and connecting the right data to drive equipment visualization and actions. GE Digital Accelerators help you scale configuration knowledge, risk recommendations, and mitigating actions to more teams across the enterprise.

Gain future insights using predictive analytics technology

Leverage GE’s extensive Digital Twin library, without needing to build from scratch. Predictive analytics powered by SmartSignal easily add monitoring and diagnostic work processes using sophisticated analytic techniques providing alerts when equipment is trending to a failure – enabling condition-based decision making.

Accelerator Types

APM Asset Strategy and APM Acceleration | GE Digital Software

Asset Strategy

Built on the foundation of APM Strategy, a key solution in GE Digital’s APM software suite, Asset Strategy Accelerators are pre-built maintenance policy data templates detailing defined risk and mitigating actions for an asset.


Equipment strategies target Power Generators, Oil & Gas producers, and Mining companies spanning a wide range of criticality. Balance of Plant (BoP) asset strategies include various supporting and auxiliary energy producing equipment ranging from rotating, mechanical, electrical, safety, and controls.


Pre-defined Asset Strategies define:


  • Transition from time-based to condition-based strategies using failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) linked to maintenance plan actions
  • Known failure modes, failure condition, and prescribed mitigating actions for equipment type
  • Recommended actions detailing necessary steps and actions improving performance
  • Risk ranking and cost optimization – directional values for risk matrix parameters and cost analysis (risk + action), ROI analysis
APM Health and Reliability dashboard | GE Digital software

Health & Reliability

Health & Reliability Accelerators are designed to configure a holistic view of an asset’s overall health. Leveraging deep domain expertise and APM Health solution intelligence, Health & Reliability Accelerators mine through several data inputs in APM detecting critical issues and other concerns on the equipment. The policy engine consumes the data calculating an overall health score to identify and prioritize the assets needing the most attention.


The pre-built templates configure:


  • Data structures, connections, and relevant queries
  • Anomaly analytics – monitoring sensor anomalies
  • Health indicators – single measure of asset health from one or more sources
  • Policies combining alerts/alarms logic, formulas, and coding
  • Outcomes include recommendations and actions
Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Supporting APM Reliability, Root Cause Analysis Accelerators (RCA) reduce process development time up to 50% using industry benchmark data to determine cause and how to solve it. RCA Accelerators provide templated configurations to facilitate standard RCA processes based on Preserve, Order, Analyze, Communicate, and Track (PROACT). Pre-built templates include over 300 analysis types including mechanical, electrical, and human.


Easily enable import failure modes to RCA logic trees by asset classes, create failure mode hypothesis, and configure a new analysis from a library of templates within the Accelerator Library.

Equipment Health Monitoring

Workflows & Dashboards

By offering pre-defined operation and maintenance (O&M) policies, processes, planning, and prescriptions within APM, Workflows enable you to address the health and reliability of common balance of plant (BOP) assets.


Workflows provide detailed instructions and actions to manage and eliminate asset failures, monitor equipment health, and track progress of daily actions.

  • Failure Elimination 
  • Equipment Health Monitoring
  • Action Tracking


Dashboards are preconfigured templates that enable you to:

  • Set up a full operational view of your daily O&M plan
  • Keep a pulse on your data quality
  • Set the pace with informed data decisions each workday

SmartSignal Blueprints

SmartSignal Blueprints support over 340 different GE and non-GE pieces of equipment. The number of assets covered by SmartSignal Blueprints is constantly growing and spans power generation, oil & gas, renewables, and other key industries.


With SmartSignal Blueprints, your organization can achieve a faster time-to-value while easily monitoring its mission-critical equipment.

Solar asset management software

Unlock more watts from your solar investment

Solar Accelerators are designed to give you greater insights for more yield. 

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