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Proficy Orchestration Hub

Increase throughput with accurate manufacturing product data across the enterprise

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Proficy Orchestration Hub helps increase throughput for manufacturers

Overcome supply chain issues and meet changing customer demands

Is your manufacturing struggling with varied products to overcome supply chain issues or meet changing consumer demands?


Uncertain supply chains and constant product innovation introduce variability and inefficiencies into daily manufacturing processes. With more products and/or regulatory standards, production gets out of sync with the latest product manufacturing information, resulting in lower quality, increased waste, and operations headaches.

What is Proficy Orchestration Hub?

Proficy Orchestration Hub for accurate manufacturing product data | GE Digital

Proficy Orchestration Hub enables you to stay in sync with the constant updates to product manufacturing information. Based on proven GE innovation, this solution:


  • Provides out-of-the-box tools to unify product manufacturing information from disparate data systems such as ERP and PLM
  • Transforms and organizes this raw business-oriented information into production-ready formats including recipes and specifications
  • Orchestrates the information across your factory floor systems at a single site or multiple sites.
Multi-site-Proficy Orchestration Hub by GE Digital

Proficy Orchestration Hub 2023 - Now Available!

The new version 2023 continues our commitment to helping you:


  • Integrate source product data systems (ERP/PLM/SQL)
  • Reduce errors
  • Track product data variances


New in version 2023


  • New product data variance analytics
  • New eSignature support for product data orchestration

Unify manufacturing product data management across the enterprise

"We collaborated with GE Digital on the development of this solution to support improved accuracy and efficiency in identifying and implementing specification changes. By integrating systems and digitizing operational product data management, we can create greater flexibility in manufacturing environments, reduce waste and costs, ensure consistent quality and compliance and increase production throughput."


Kevin Briggs, Architect, IS Operations,The J.M. Smucker Company



Speed time to market with accurate product data

Proficy Orchestration Hub to digitize manufacturing operations | Screenshot | GE Digital

Map data across ERP, PLM and MES

Tired of cobbling together plant systems or manually trying to capture the right product manufacturing data on paper?


Proficy Orchestration Hub provides Manufacturing Product Data Management based on information unified across key systems. Manufacturers achieve an easy-to-use connectivity tool that facilitates mapping of product data from different systems such as ERP and PLM into MES solutions such as Proficy Plant Applications.


Increase throughput, reduce waste, and improve quality with Proficy Orchestration Hub and accurate manufacturing product data management at your fingertips.

Achieve relevant product data context recognized by MES

Proficy Operations Hub Product Data for MES | Screenshot | GE Digital

Orchestrate across the enterprise

Proficy Orchestration Hub’s out-of-the-box Operations Product Data Management UI helps transform the business-centric product data to relevant product context as recognized by MES systems.


The software parses the Manufacturing Product Data, organizes it into product context, and provides a comparative map to the product attributes within the MES.


As users orchestrate this data flow, Proficy Orchestration Hub records and allows users to analyze the nature of updates to manufacturing product data at a given plant.

Gain flexibility to meet customer demands within compliance

Maintain and manage product variances with Proficy Orchestration Hub | Screenshot | GE Digital

Maintain and manage product variances

Proficy Orchestration Hub supports storing deviations and comments for those deviations, recorded as variances, to provide visibility into a plant’s adoption of the Manufacturing Product Data changes. A single-button publish to Proficy Plant Applications makes it easy to adopt changes in bulk.


With Proficy Orchestration Hub, manufacturers can decrease quality variability due to ad-hoc modifications as well as the non-productive time and manual efforts trying to execute standard production work.


Stop cobbling together systems and using paper by digitizing and driving consistency with Proficy Orchestration Hub.

"With most manufacturers at various points in their digital transformation and IT/OT convergence journey, there remains a void to be filled in their ISA-95 data models between the level four enterprise systems, such as PLM, supply chain management, and ERP, and the level three production systems, such as HMI/SCADA, historians, and MES.


GE Digital’s Proficy Orchestration Hub fills this void by providing production optimization applications, such as manufacturing product data management that offer a unified, contextualized view of product data and enable seamless connectivity between the applications, truly creating level 3.5 and acting as a critical IT/OT convergence enabler and digital transformation accelerator.”


Craig Resnick, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group

Benefits of Proficy Orchestration Hub

Increase throughput and flexibility

Digitize orchestration of Manufacturing Product Data Management

Speed time to market

Eliminate manual errors that lead to delays and waste

Improve quality

Ensure products meet customer specifications

Decrease costs

Minimize rework and lost revenue due to rejects or repurposing

Meet customer demands

Achieve production goals by ensuring teams have the right information at the right time

Connect your enterprise

Accelerate adoption of production changes with a seamless, connected approach

Go paperless with digitized manufacturing product data management

Proficy Orchestration Hub for accurate manufacturing product data | GE Digital

Features of Proficy Orchestration Hub

  • Ease of connectivity
  • Flexibility to use existing connection technologies allowed by business systems
  • Mix and match connectivity to get all Product data
  • No code mapping – drag and drop multi-source mashups
  • Base views created at install
  • Transform unstructured business Product data to MES structured Specs, BOMs, and Recipes

Let GE Digital show you how to improve your operations with Proficy Orchestration Hub

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