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Proficy Operations Hub

Speed development of Web-based operations displays with code-free configuration

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Quickly assemble high performance Web-based applications

Operations Hub screenshot | GE Digital | HMI/SCADA

Powerful, code-free development tools

Proficy Operations Hub is a centralized environment for aggregating and visualizing contextual and situational information for industrial applications—supporting rapid application development and rich displays for faster operational response and better decision making.


With Operations Hub, systems integrators and in-house engineering teams can quickly assemble Web-based applications, enabling connectivity with GE Digital software and common IIoT sources, such as databases and control systems, and delivering high performance displays for operations. The code-free tools allow multiple, non-developer users to simultaneously contribute custom displays, which reduces costs and speeds development.


Operations Hub also provides the ability to connect to a variety of data sources and store the data for initial analysis and visualization. Organizations gain a foundation for insights into operations and productivity, a critical step in the journey to digital transformation.

Operations Hub enables responsive operator visualization

Rapid development of Web-based displays for operations

Faster response and better decision-making with centralized visualization

Decreased costs and time-to-market for creating Web-based operations applications

Lower maintenance costs with centralized Web applications

Information anywhere, anytime with responsive design

Features of Operations Hub

Operations Hub screenshot | GE Digital | HMI/SCADA

Accelerate development of rich Web applications

Operations Hub allows non-developers to quickly assemble displays through a comprehensive library of widgets and arrange them to provide responsive operator visualization.

Operations Hub screenshot | GE Digital | HMI/SCADA

Deliver actionable information through displays and data collection

It’s easy to create informative displays with graphs, tables, charts, images, video, maps, and more using the extensive widget library.

Operations Hub screenshot | GE Digital | HMI/SCADA

Information at your fingertips

Responsive design allows you build the application, so information is readily available on PC displays, tablets, and mobile phones, allowing access to information and insights into your operations from anywhere anytime.

Operations Hub screenshot | GE Digital | HMI/SCADA

Save time with zero deployment clients and centralized management

Leveraging Web technology, Operations Hub reduces deployment and maintenance time. The true native Web clients do not require any client installation.

Operations Hub screenshot | GE Digital | HMI/SCADA

Fast, automatic response

Operations Hub allows you to trigger automatic actions based on human events or device data. You can configure actions to drive data queries, send emails, or send commands to devices.