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Capacity Planning Software

Flexibility to meet dynamic market demands with GE Digital's OPM Capacity Optimization software

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What is OPM Capacity Optimization? 

The Capacity Trader and Capacity Dispatch Optimizer software solutions allow gas plant operators to increase output and energy production at times of highest demand without costly maintenance adders or adversely impacting the maintenance interval. 

Real-time data for capacity planning and optimization

OPM: Capacity Optimization screenshot to help power generators increase output

GE Digital's OPM Capacity Optimization software significantly increases the revenue stream of a Gas Turbine's existing peak fire mode capability by identifying the high profit opportunities and helping the operator to be online during those times.


With the changes in the power generation industry, operators seeking ways to maximize dispatch and revenue in the new environment have a solution for meeting the changing economic demands.


Learn more about Dispatch in the Changing Power Generation Industry by reading our white paper.

Realize the power of capacity planning and optimization

Maximize profit

Increase energy production by transforming Base Load operation into Peak Load operation without incurring more maintenance costs.

Increase capacity payments

With higher capacity enabled by peak fire, customers who participate in Capacity markets can realize more revenue.

Minimize energy imbalance costs

Offset costly energy imbalances and reserves using dispatchable peak load operation

Increase confidence

Enable operational decision-making

CPV Increases Bottom Line Using OPM and capacity planning and optimization

CPV leverages Digital Twin and Capacity Dispatch Optimizer
CPV leverages Digital Twin and Capacity Dispatch Optimizer
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With GE’s Operations Performance Management (OPM) Capacity Dispatch Optimizer, Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) has increased use of peak fire at its gas plants by 10x without impacting maintenance intervals.


"We are proud to announce the completion of commissioning with 25 percent ethane mixed with natural gas at our Fairview Energy Center, making it the first plant of its kind as well as one of the most efficient combined-cycle power plants in the world. CPV’s continual deployment of cutting-edge technology has propelled us to the forefront of the competitive power industry in clean, efficient as well as renewable generation. We are grateful to chart this course alongside our partner GE as we continue to build upon our longstanding, prosperous relationship."

Gary Lambert, CEO, CPV

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At GE Digital, we help our Power Generation customers solve their toughest challenges by putting their industrial data to work. Read our industry analyst reports, white papers, or infographics. Or explore how other customers, like yourself, have used our solutions to increase performance, mitigate risk, and maintain safe work environments.