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GE Digital Launches Plant Applications 8.0

Turn real-time, mission-critical production data into actionable insights with the world’s first multi-modal manufacturing execution system

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Plant Apps 8.0 helps manufacturers with speed and scale | GE Digital

Optimize your manufacturing

Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems

Plant Applications

Maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), improve production scheduling, and ensure product quality by leveraging real-time production data.

Toray Plastics
Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems

Toray Plastics, Inc. Optimizes Manufacturing Operational Performance with Big Data Analytics

Learn how Toray Plastics drives extreme efficiencies out of its assets with Manufacturing Execution Systems software from GE Digital.

Reckitt Benckiser tablets manufacturing
White paper

Rise of Multimodal Manufacturing

Learn what MES technologies you need to capitalize on a multi-modal approach.

2019 GE Digital User Conference

GE Digital User Conference | 2019

Where industry and innovation meet

Over two days, the GE Digital User Conference will equip attendees with the right tools and insights needed to transform their organization into a future-ready industrial company by digitizing production, reducing waste, improving quality and productivity, optimizing maintenance and reliability, and enabling operational intelligence and process optimization  - all while focusing on bottom line profitability.  


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On-demand webinar

Driving Enterprise Performance with Manufacturing Data

Watch our webcast with LNS Research to learn how manufacturing data and IIoT can impact performance for companies in the F&B/CPG industries.

Asset performance Management for Chemical Manufacturers | GE Digital
On-demand webinar

Driving Profitability with Plant and Process Data

Watch our webcast with LNS Research to learn how the chemical industry can improve operational performance.

Automotive manufacturing enabled by GE Digital automation software
On-demand webinar

Driving the Future of Automotive Manufacturing

Join us and learn how to leverage industrial applications to streamline automotive production, improve manufacturing efficiency, and increase output.