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Geospatial Information Systems - Smallworld GIS

Model, manage and accelerate the value of your connected network

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Geospatial network systems by GE Digital help utilities manage city power

Geospatial Asset Management

Software asset management lifecycle diagram

Digital Energy Accelerates Your Time to Value

Is your network model ready for digital transformation and modernization?


Every day, management of network asset data becomes more challenging. All network types; telecommunications, electric, gas, and water are becoming progressively more dynamic, complexity is increasing and the volume of data that telecommunication companies and utilities need to understand and integrate continues to grow.


GE Digital’s Smallworld geospatial solutions move beyond the traditional bounds of a GIS. With more than 25 years' experience and proven geospatial network-based models and business solutions, GE Digital offers today's telecommunication companies and utilities elegant business solutions and software to model end-to-end network connectivity, manage data workflows and infrastructure challenges throughout the entire network asset lifecycle.

Benefits of Smallworld GIS – the true network-based GIS

Up to 30% reduced operational costs

Intuitive solution to streamline design, data capture workflows and ensure accuracy and completeness of utility or telecommunications network representation, from planning through operations and maintenance for the end-to-end asset lifecycle.

Up to 7% reduced new build costs

Optimize new build plans to ensure network is built cost effectively while taking into consideration various planning and design alternatives.

Up to 8% improved field inspection productivity

Ability to capture and maintain traceability of asset data is key to help satisfy requirements placed by regulatory and government agencies. Leveraging the single view of the network assets across the enterprise enables digital workers to perform inspection and other geospatial asset-based tasks on a consistent, shared view of the network model.

Up to 30% reduced redundant data modeling efforts

Sharing the network model consistently and incrementally across the enterprise reduces redundant network modeling efforts by up to 30% and improves overall accuracy through a shared view and up to 50% improved cycle-time for data quality enhancements.

GE Digital's GIS software solutions

Geospatial solutions for electric utilities | GE DigitalGeospatial solutions for electric utilities | GE Digital

Geospatial Solutions for Electric

Smallworld Electric Office is a proven, scalable solution with data quality and integrity enforced to support a fully connected, phase aware, network model that is the solid foundation for your grid modernization and network modeling needs.

GE Digital has GIS Smallworld software for gas distributors

Geospatial Solutions for Gas Distribution and Pipeline

Are you ready to meet the challenges of a more restrictive oil and natural gas regulatory environment?  Gas Distribution and Global Transmission Offices are a Fully integrated suite of industry solutions that help plan, design, analyze and maintain gas and transmission /pipeline  networks and related assets.

Geospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators | GE Power DigitalGeospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators | GE Power Digital

Geospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecom Operators

Digital transformation is driving unprecedented change within the telecoms industry. You need to continually optimize network operations and adopt new solutions for the planning, designing, construction and operation of your network. A single, integrated, physical network inventory reflecting the real state of your network acts as bedrock enabling you to streamline business processes. Without this foundation, far too much effort goes into manual processes and playing catch-up often resulting in costly mistakes.


GE Digital’s Smallworld Network Inventory solutions provide a GIS-based solution that allows you to accelerate your network operations with a comprehensive and integrated view of your entire network.

GE Digital provides geospatial analysis software for water utiliitesGE Digital provides geospatial analysis software for water utiliites

Geospatial Solutions for Water

Over seven billion people rely on water every day, in all its forms. It is our most vital global resource, which means that intelligent spatial asset management is of crucial importance to the water industry.


Water Office allows you to manage the complete water cycle infrastructure effectively, deliver performance and innovation, and guarantee consistent service to all your customers.

GeoSpatial Analysis banner | GE DigitalGeoSpatial Analysis banner | GE Digital

GeoSpatial Analysis (GSA)

GE’s Geospatial Analysis provides utility and telecom operators an advanced analysis and reporting environment, revealing business insights from complex network data. GSA offers easy and efficient access to data from distinct, distributed spatial and non-spatial systems. This data can be shared across the enterprise, empowering a wide range of users with visualization, query, analysis and reporting capabilities.

overlay of a network on the world to represent geospatial technology from GE Digital

Smallworld GIS Core Spatial Technology

GE’s innovative network GIS solutions are based on Smallworld Core Spatial Technology. Smallworld GIS is the highly scalable enterprise geospatial platform to model complex networks, manage data quality, design and record network assets.

Digital Energy User Experience (UI/UX)

Digital Energy's UX/UI
Digital Energy's UX/UI
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Making users’ lives easier

GE Digital Energy's software now delivers an intuitive, predictive, and dynamic user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to enhance overall situational awareness.

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