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Geospatial Network Inventory Software for Telecoms

Accelerate your network operations with a comprehensive and integrated view of your entire network

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Geospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators | GE Power DigitalGeospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators | GE Power DigitalGeospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators | GE Power DigitalGeospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators | GE Power Digital

Continual change driven by digital transformation

GE provides software to help telecommunication workers optimize networks they install

Evolving in the constantly changing world of telecommunications

To survive the inevitable disruption you need to continually optimize your network operations and adopt new solutions for the planning, designing, construction and operation of your network. To remain competitive your network has to deliver the highest quality of service possible and when you can intelligently and cost-effectively upgrade and expand your network, you’ll be poised to deliver increased customer satisfaction and reduce your operational costs. Ad hoc databases, spreadsheets and simple GIS mapping solutions are no longer sufficient in supporting modern, mission critical fiber network deployments.

Telecom network planning with GIS software | GE Digital

Delivering reliable and affordable Broadband

Connecting all Americans and Businesses


Today, with investments enabled by the Investment Infrastructure and Jobs Act (IIJA), telecoms companies are in the driving seat to build the infrastructure needed to connect every American to reliable, high -speed, affordable broadband. 

Geospatial network inventory

CROSS Single Network Inventory

CROSS specializes in consolidating inventory and network data into a single data model, providing a comprehensive, integrated view of the entire network. It does this by bringing together inside and outside plant for physical inventory from Smallworld Physical Network Inventory (PNI) and seamlessly integrating this with the logical view of the network, combining existing data sources and the network itself–resulting in a single source of truth.


This fully integrated inventory view gives operators the single source of truth necessary to visualize and effectively operate their entire network while improving data quality and delivering operational savings. CROSS data can be further integrated into the wider OSS/BSS environment via an Open API, helping support the transition toward automated network and service/commercial operations.

GIS-Based Network Inventory for Telecoms

Geospatial solutions | Geospatial Network Inventory for Telecoms | GE Digital

Smallworld Network Inventory

A single, integrated, physical network inventory reflecting the real state of your network acts as bedrock enabling you to streamline business processes. Without this foundation, far too much effort goes into manual processes and playing catch-up often resulting in costly mistakes.


The solution needs to be based on a robust telecom GIS to provide a geospatial view, built on industry standards and well-established workflows. GE’s GIS telecom network inventory solutions, built on the Smallworld platform, simplify the challenges of designing and maintaining next-generation networks throughout their entire lifecycle.

Geospatial solutions for electric utilities | GE Digital

A Grid is Only as Smart as Your Telecom Network Reliability

Learn how GE Digital’s Smallworld GIS software can help achieve a single view of your network and improve productivity through integration and automation to help you reliably operate a stable grid.

Benefits to Telecoms across the plan, design, build and operate lifecycle

5% reduction in new build CapEx costs

Use intelligent software to optimize network layouts to minimize construction costs and plan least-cost network, reducing CapEx

80% reduction in design time

Automate the design process to save time and deliver more designs with the same team

15% increase in field worker productivity

Digitize your field teams by giving them access to the information they need, when they need it, where ever they may be

30% reduction in network downtime

Save time for both operations and field teams in locating network outages by providing access to the tools and data to rapidly find the fault in the field

Three Steps for Telecom Operators to Win the Race to Sale

Around the globe, telecoms are laying fiber at a record pace. The world as we know it is changing. Make no mistake about it, the race to sale is on.


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GE software for utility companies helps maintain efficient power operationsGE software for utility companies helps maintain efficient power operations
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Reducing Costs with GIS Solutions for Telecom Operators

Learn how to gain a complete view of your network and deliver new capabilities at the lowest possible cost.

Telecommunications Solutions | Geospatial network inventory | GE reference image
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Demo of GIS Solution for Telecom Operators

See how GE’s geospatial software solutions can be used to boost operational performance. 

Bringing the field to the desktop

Understand how GIS can empower your teams to do more in the office by using LiDAR and high-resolution panoramic imagery in Smallworld. Read the technical insight.

Explore how GIS-based network inventory can accelerate the design of FTTx networks.  Read the technical insight.