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Proficy Historian for Cloud

Reduce costs and support analytics with cloud historian OT data management

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Proficy Historian for Cloud | Banner | Industrial Automation

The world’s first cloud-native operations data historian

Proficy Historian for Cloud | Industrial Automation | Managing OT data

Proficy Historian for Cloud is cloud-based industrial data management software. Our cloud historian:


  • Allows simple, secure by design, reliable movement of OT data to the cloud, at scale
  • Available in AWS Marketplace
  • Leverages existing IT cloud investments and supports IT data strategies
  • Easy OT data integration with the enterprise data lake
  • Enables the full potential of cloud-based analytics for optimization

Available in AWS Marketplace

Proficy Historian for Cloud 2024

Proficy Historian for Cloud 2023 is a major new release of our cloud historian industrial data management platform, coming in Q1. We're focused on enabling enterprise-wide OT data analysis through cloud deployments. Register to learn more!


Missed Proficy Historian for Cloud 2023? Watch the 2023 video. New features include:

  • Leveraging AWS and Azure infrastructures
  • Parquet export for IT integration
  • Support for additional collectors
  • Enablement for on-prem deployment to cloud migration
  • And more ...

Benefits of Proficy Historian for Cloud

Reduce deployment time and costs

Improve performance with high availability

Increase agility with autoscaling

Achieve zero downtime upgrades

Decrease maintenance time and costs

Enable enterprise optimization

Combine leading historian software with the cloud

Analyst-recommended Proficy Historian brings the capabilities that industrial users demand for enterprise-scale data management to AWS, Azure, and more.


Leveraging the cloud infrastructures, GE Digital delivers a true operational historian architected specifically to enable the scalability, reliability, and global deployment that is needed to solve the problem of industrial data management at enterprise scale – all at a cost below traditional deployments and at the speed of cloud.

Cloud Historian: OT data management, built for the cloud

Proficy Historian, Data Historian from GE Digital

As a true operations cloud historian, Proficy Historian for Cloud provides:


  • Secure-by-design encrypted OT data streaming to the cloud at up to 150,000 values per second per interface
  • Store and forward capabilities to protect against data loss if the cloud or network is unavailable
  • Advanced compression and proprietary file-based storage, making it cost effective to use in a cloud infrastructure
  • Rich OT connectivity
  • Superior visualization and analytics tools
  • Benefits of cloud-based technologies including zero downtime upgrades, scalability, data replication, and high availability
  • Native interfaces to data lakes and cloud-based analytics platforms
  • Ability to deploy in your own virtual private cloud (VPC) for simple data integration, shrinking time to value and reducing implementation costs
  • Fully accessible with on-prem tools used today (e.g. Excel)
  • Industry-leading collector management and administration

Cloud Historian OT Data Management to Reduce Costs and Support Analytics

Join GE Digital, AWS and industry analyst Forrester in this IndustryWeek-hosted webinar to learn how you can leverage the only native-cloud industrial historian to easily move time-stamped, organized OT data to the cloud.  

Proficy Historian for Cloud in action

GE Aerospace uses Proficy Historian to manage OT data in 32 manufacturing plants. “Managing this amount of data is costly,” said Bill Andrews, Technical Product Manager, GE Aerospace. “By moving from 32 distinct deployments to a single deployment of Proficy Historian on AWS, we can dramatically reduce management costs and downtime while improving value, scalability, and reliability.”


The company expects to reduce hardware & maintenance infrastructure costs by more than 20% and annual resources by $185K. The team will also improve system availability by eliminating more than a month of planned downtime and enabling a common data store accessible by thousands of enterprise-wide employees.

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  • Proficy Historian provides powerful industrial time-series and A&E data collection | GE DIgital

    Proficy Historian

    Proficy Historian

    Manage your industrial time series and A&E data

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  • Proficy Historian provides powerful industrial time-series and A&E data collection | GE DIgital

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    Request a free trial

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  • Proficy Historian | Industrial time-series and A&E data collection for on-premise and cloud storage and analysis

    Tired of paying high prices for your data historian?

    Tired of paying high prices for your data historian?

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    Watch the Proficy Historian series

    Watch the Proficy Historian series

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