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Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS)

Distribution management systems for the modern grid. Ranked #1 by Navigant Research.

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GE Digital ADMS software assists transmission and utility customers

Digital Energy Accelerates Your Time to Value

GE Digital's ADMS
GE Digital's ADMS
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Future of the Electric Grid

Every day, management of the grid becomes more challenging as the modern grid evolves into an intelligent energy network driving decarbonization. The distribution network is becoming progressively dynamic, complexity is increasing, and utilities need to understand and integrate a growing volume of data.


GE’s DER-aware Advanced Distribution Management System moves beyond the traditional bounds of SCADA, DMS and OMS and provides software for the safe and secure management and orchestration of the distribution grid. Our solutions deliver reliability, productivity, and efficiency through a modular architecture, adaptive algorithms, predictive analytics, and a brilliant user experience. GE’s Advanced Distribution Management System software supports our customers’ journey towards predictive and autonomous operations, and an optimized distribution grid that accelerates the energy transition.

Native Interoperability


GE is the only vendor with proven solution breadth and depth, industry experience and technology expertise to provide electric utilities with end-to-end grid management solutions. GE’s Native Interoperability spans across the software portfolio (AEMS, ADMS, GIS, Mobility and Analytics) and provides utilities with a unique alternative to highly customized and complex interfaces and expensive integration costs, while delivering significantly reduced total cost of ownership, increased speed of implementation, and harmonized data across the network. 


Read our ebook about removing the challenges of siloed solutions.

GE Digital grid product whitepapers

Analyst Reports for Electric Utilities

Read some of the latest analyst reports to learn more about Advanced Distribution Management Systems product solution.

Explore our Advanced Distribution Management System solutions for distributed energy management

Distribution optimization helps power cities | GE Power
Digital Energy

Distribution Optimization

Greater visibility and control, delivering network-level optimization

Outage Response software for utilities help performance in extreme weather | GE
Digital Energy

Outage Response

Interoperable tools utilities need to react to and even anticipate outages, minimizing disruption of service

Distributed Energy Resources | GE
Digital Energy

Renewables & DER Orchestration

Enable utilities to manage and orchestrate Renewables & DERs in an end-to-end manner, via flexible deployment options ranging from edge to cloud

GE Digital Forecasting software to assist with ADMS and AEMS | Renewables
Industrial Software

Load Forecasting for Electrical Grid & Market Operators

Predict intermittency for transmission and distribution

Recent News


Utilities Business Trends 2022: Flexibility and Orchestration Needs Are Creating New Markets
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Navigant Research names GE Digital #1 in their Advanced Distribution Management System Leaderboard report
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Top 10 Trends Driving the Utility Industry in 2021  
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Digital Transformation: The Benefits of a SCADA to ADMS Evolution

​​​​​​Learn how moving to an Advanced Distribution Management System from a traditional SCADA system can help your business succeed in today’s marketplace. Explore our new white paper and infographic.



Read the white paper: Digital Transformation: The Benefits of a SCADA to ADMS Evolution


Download the infographic: Top 7 Benefits of the Evolution to ADMS


Read this blog: GE Digital's ADMS Delivers Market Proven Grid Reliability and Resiliency to Global Utilities

Advanced Distribution Management System Low Voltage Management Solutions

Explore more about our Low Voltage Management solution, developed for regions with extensive LV networks such as Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • Low Voltage Network Management } Home solar panels | GE Digital

    Achieving Real-Time Operational Visibility and Control with Low Voltage Networks

    Achieving Real-Time Operational Visibility and Control with Low Voltage Networks

    Read about the real-time management of LV networks and benefits of a coordinated solution to represent and manage this network.

    Download the white paper
  • Closer-look-at-low-voltage-network-management | GE Digital graphic

    Low Voltage. High Impact.

    Low Voltage. High Impact.

    It’s time to take a closer look at managing your low voltage network.

    Download the infographic
  • Remote monitoring by digital worker using ADMS software | GE Digital

    Extending Situational Awareness & Control to the Low Voltage Network at i-DE

    Extending Situational Awareness & Control to the Low Voltage Network at i-DE

    Enrique García, Director Smart Grids en España speaks to i-DE’s project focused on transforming LV management.

    Watch on-demand
  • GE Digital provides software to assist utility transmission & distribution companies

    Extending Situational Awareness and Control to the Increasingly Dynamic Low Voltage Network

    Extending Situational Awareness and Control to the Increasingly Dynamic Low Voltage Network

    GE is actively working with customers globally to meet the emerging requirements of the low voltage (LV) environment.

    Watch on-demand

From Local Intelligence to System Intelligence

Transmission and Distribution World article: Alabama Power's distribution system advancements

Alabama Power

Two of the most revolutionary advancements Alabama Power Co. has seen in distribution came with the implementation of both Fault Isolation and Service Restoration (FISR) as well as Fault Location (FL) in its ADMS. These two advanced applications have changed not only the way the utility views automated devices, but also how it uses them.


Through Aug. 1, 2020, FISR successfully restored customers 332 times across Alabama Power’s service territory, preventing approximately 42.8 million customer minutes of interruption (CMI). How could FISR help your operations?


Digital Energy User Experience (UI/UX)

Digital Energy User Experience
Digital Energy User Experience
Watch the Video

GE Digital Energy's software now delivers an intuitive, predictive, and dynamic user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to enhance overall situational awareness.

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Understand the latest software innovations and best practices in industrial IIoT with GE Digital's on-demand webinars.

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Additional Resources

Advanced Distribution Management System


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DERMS and ADMS are both critical solutions for orchestrating the sustainable energy grid. When used together, their capabilities and value increase exponentially.


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Stedin, a leading DSO in the Netherlands, discusses GE's ADMS and Smallworld GIS solutions to meet the challenges of the energy transition.


Realizing the Value from the Alabama Power Company ADMS FISR Deployment

Alabama Power Company discusses the value and customer benefits from the GE ADMS FISR deployment, lessons learned, and their grid modernization strategy.


GE's ADMS Delivers Market Proven Grid Reliability and Resiliency to Global Utilities

Utilities need a comprehensive real-time control and optimization enterprise suite – an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS).

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