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Future of Flight

Navigate your way to a flight operating at peak environmental efficiency

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Navigate your way to the perfect flight

Aviation Software Solutions from GE Digital work together to address key areas of your operation that impact your ability to achieve peak environmental efficiency – from fuel usage and carbon emissions, to airspace efficiency, predictive maintenance, records digitization, and pilot insight. Leveraging our expertise in flight data, we’ll partner with you every step of the way to analyze and iterate as you navigate your way to the perfect flight.


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Overcome barriers to sustainability with GE Digital, Aviation Software



Sustainabililty in aviation


Make strides toward peak efficiency, today

Sustainability is core to the future of the aviation industry, net zero by 2050 is the target, and while SAF and new technologies are the key to achieving that in the long term, we cannot afford to wait until then. We have the data and solutions that can help the industry make strides toward net zero, today, by leveraging data you already have.

Cost reduction


Cost reduction in Aviation


Lower costs while increasing sustainability 

You don’t need to rely solely on carbon offsets. Our solutions can help you burn less fuel, and in turn lower costs. Good fuel efficiency programs are an extremely cost-effective way to lower costs while increasing sustainability, and the power to utilize them is already there in your data.



Data in aviation


Use your data to gain insight that drives action

You need to effectively understand the context your data provides to evaluate complex tradeoffs and interactions between each area of your operation to maximize sustainability. Our solutions help you put your data to work so you can get the most out of it.

Optimize more than one part of your operation

Navigating to a perfect flight | GE Digital Aviation Software

Most solutions today are point solutions, optimizing only one part of the equation. Our solutions help you optimize the key pieces of your operation that impact environmental efficiency goals.


  • Demonstrate non-negative impact on safety
  • Effectively balance single flight efficiency with life of asset fuel performance
  • Balance fuel savings with maintenance costs, ensuring no subsequent increase in scrap parts or maintenance burden
  • Reduce emissions, noise and fuel impacts to ensure true sustainability improvements

GE Digital’s solutions in action

GE Digital's Fuel Insight in action | Aviation software

Fuel Insight

Current Fuel Insight Core customers can save an average of ½ a ton of CO2 per flight. With the FAA servicing 45,000 flights per day in the U.S., using our fuel savings procedures, there’s an opportunity to save an average of 29k tons of CO2 per flight, per day.


That’s equivalent to planting 1.2M trees, with a lifespan of 100 years, per day.

FlightPulse software empowers pilots with a user-friendly interface | GE Digital


In just one year using FlightPulse, Qantas was able to avoid 5.71M kg carbon emissions…


…equating to for 1,241 passenger cars off the road.

Maintenance Insight software from GE Digital helps aviation reduce operational disruptions

Maintenance Insight

Maintenance Insight provides airlines with analytics that help monitor component health to optimize performance and decrease inefficiencies that lead to excess fuel burn and carbon emissions. Operators can avoid maintenance disruptions to keep their existing fleet running efficiently and reduce their carbon footprint.

Airspace Insight puts aviation data to work to save fuel and inefficiencies | GE Digital

Airspace Efficiency

In just one year using Airspace Insight, AirAsia was able to avoid 4,013mt of carbon emissions…


…equating to 167,208 trees.

aircraft maintenance database | aviation engineers using GE Digital software

Asset Records

On average, each commercial aircraft generates roughly 20k pages of records a year…


…with 25,368 commercial aircraft in operation today, it’s possible to save 61,248 trees per year switching to digital records management.


Let GE Digital help you navigate your way to the perfect flight