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Proficy Sensor Health

Ensure clean sensor data to reduce risk & support digital transformation

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Industrial executive looking at analytics | Sensor Health software by GE Digital

Monitor and detect sensor data abnormalities with AI/ML

Sensor Health Demo
Sensor Health Demo
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Automatically generate alerts to speed response

Bad sensor data can mean lost product, downtime, compliance issues, and safety risks as well as a dirty data foundation for your digital transformation and continuous improvement programs.


Over time, sensors tend to deviate, impacting processes and operations. But, it’s time consuming – and impossible for most organizations – to manually determine if and why sensors are working or failing ahead of increasing risk.


As an embedded smart app, Proficy Sensor Health continuously monitors and analyzes sensor data, learning patterns and applying intelligence. You can target anomalies and quickly minimize their potential impact.

3 Minutes to Application Configuration
3 Minutes to Application Configuration
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Improve the accuracy of downstream analytics

Proficy Sensor Health provides an easy way to automate the detection of bad sensors and can generate alerts to speed repairs, replacements, and recalibrations.


Furthermore, with Sensor Health, you know that you are always using the best available sensor data as the basis for advanced downsteam analytics and optimization.

Proficy Sensor Health ensures clean sensor data to reduce risk and support digital transformation.

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Efficient operations, analysis and analytics require good data

Increase product quality

Use AI/ML to learn patterns and catch anomalies quickly

Minimize downtime

Leverage preventive information – before disaster

Reduce compliance and safety risks

Watch sensors monitoring processes and products

Support digital transformation

Ensure clean data from sensors for downstream analytics

Reduce scrap, recalls, and costs

Trigger early warning alerts for faster response

Speed time-to-value

Quick configuration, simple set up that doesn’t require a data scientist

Features of Proficy Sensor Health

Sensor Health screen: Monitor data to decrease downtime

Decrease downtime by continuously monitoring sensor data

Sensors are often used to provide indications that equipment is running correctly, and incorrect readings can lead to equipment failure or damage.


Early detection of a sensor that is no longer giving accurate or consistent results can provide advance warning that enables maintenance to replace or recalibrate the sensor before disaster happens.


Sensor Health overcomes the following challenges:


  • Legacy sensors, not connected
  • Remote locations, islands of automation
  • Connected sensor, but information difficult to find
  • Real time reading, no historical data
Schedule industrial data review with Sensor Health software by GE Digital

Improve product quality

Sensors typically measure the results of a product or ensure that the ambient surroundings of a process are within specification. If the sensors used to measure the product or environment are not accurate or not functioning correctly, your products might be out of specification.


With Sensor Health, you can provide early warnings that reduce costs associated with product recalls or scrapped product.


Targeted anomaly examples:


  • Outliers/ Range Limits
  • Missing data
  • Constant value
  • Bias/offset
  • Drift
  • RoC – Rate of Change
  • Coming: Random error; inactivity - xtuck at zero, dead sensor; resolution behavior
Sensor Health architecture | ensure clean sensor data from GE Digital

Ease compliance and decrease risk

If a sensor is reading incorrectly, you might not be aware that potentially out-of-spec operations are putting you at risk of non-compliance. You can decrease risk by monitoring sensor data continuously to assess sensor performance and know that data is as accurate as possible.


Compliance depends on all equipment and systems functioning properly, and you can boost your ability to meet internal and regulatory standards.


Proficy Sensor Health can monitor and analyze data from:


  • Pressure sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Flow and level sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Smoke, gas sensors
  • Much more
Sensor Health software to detect bad data and generate alerts | GE Digital

Boost sensor data quality for digital transformation & continuous improvement

You can improve your foundation for IoT-fueled analytics, digital transformation, and continuous improvement such as Lean by ensuring that your sensor data is clean.


If your intent is more advanced use of analytics downstream, data quality is critical.


Proficy Sensor Health leverages data that is captured from sensors to automatically learn normal behavior, determine operating limits, and look for patterns that help identify issues with the actual sensor.


With accurate sensor data, you can combine data across disparate sources to:


  • Rapidly identify problems
  • Discover root causes
  • Predict future performance
  • Optimize process settings
  • Continuously improve operations
Sensor Health architecture | ensure clean sensor data from GE Digital

Speed time to value with a packaged analytics app and superior UX

Proficy Sensor Health is an easy-to-use app that does not require programming, IT, or data scientists.


This smart app embeds within GE Digital’s Proficy Operations Hub, allowing mapping to model elements representing historical data tags for sensors.  Teams can quickly see analysis and status with Proficy Operation Hub’s High Performance visualization and superior user experience.


With information and alerts at a glance, you can respond faster to faulty sensors and deliver on outcomes.


  • Common visualization
  • Show sensor data quality in your HMI through Sensor Health app

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