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Decrease operator errors, costs, and risk with dynamic, interactive work instructions and eSOPs

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Drive the right operator actions, every time


Workflow provides operators with interactive, step-by-step instructions, guiding the right actions at the right time. Operators can easily move from a paper-based method of managing procedures to an electronic format for consistency and predictability. Digitize manual and automated processes with one tool across a plant or entire enterprise-from plant operators and maintenance teams to field crews and leadership. Filter HMI/SCADA and MES alarms, take automatic actions, and push required actions to the right person. With clear guidance, teams respond faster to events, and operations run more efficiently.

Benefits of Workflow

Decrease operator errors

Guide operators through the right steps to take, at the right time, with effective electronic work instructions.

Reduce costs and risk

Enforce and track processes to achieve higher quality, decrease waste/scrap, comply with regulations, and improve safety.

Capture and preserve knowledge

Document processes before experts retire and standardize best practices for consistency across operations.

Features of Workflow


The right alarm response

With Workflow, you can go beyond SCADA and MES alarm acknowledgement and drive the right corrective action - without having to learn a new system. With a guided and consistent event response from within your HMI, you can reduce troubleshooting time and emergency phone calls.


Easy regulatory compliance

Ease regulatory compliance by enforcing procedures and tracking actions. Take advantage of eSignature, audit trails, MSDS, videos or live feeds, and more-at your fingertips. Also, document when, by whom and how long work is performed, eliminating paper-based logs and improving traceability.

Customer story

The City of Haverhill Improves Water and Wastewater Treatment Monitoring with iFIX


Optimize performance with reports:

​​​​​​Analyze and optimize both staff performance and work processes. You can automatically store task-related information into an audit trail - then use this data to generate reports. Workflow includes report templates, and you can easily build custom reports.


Easily document work processes

​​​​​​With an easy-to-use interface and template strategy, you can speed documentation and digitization of work processes. Templates allow the creation of hundreds of workflows in a short amount of time--minimizing even the most complex work processes.

Customer story

Waterford Township Improves Maintenance Consistency and Efficiency with HMI/SCADA


Digital logs

Digital log entry reduces labor and increases the information collected on events. Furthermore, digital logs improve accuracy with fewer entry errors.

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Too Many Alarms? It's Time for SuperSCADA!


Condition-based maintenance

With Workflow, you can bridge the gap between Operations and Maintenance-finally achieving real-time, condition-based asset management. Connect Workflow to your CMMS/EAM such as Maximo, SAP PM, Infor, Cityworks, and more.\

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Improve operational consistency and reliability

Improve operational consistency and reliability

40 %
Reduced waste
33 %
Increased operations capacity
20 %
Increase in operator efficiency

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