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Accelerate your time to value with telecom network solutions

Smallworld Network Inventory Management
Smallworld Network Inventory Management
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From fiber optic network design to network operations

The network is fundamental to providing all services. Designing, building and operating that network needs a geospatially based inventory to understand where it is and how it is connected. With a solid foundation you can automate network design, improve your order to activation processes and generate business insights while guaranteeing your data quality. With GE Digital and our Smallworld Network Inventory solutions we can help you achieve your digital transformation.

Partner with GE Digital for your digital transformation

Exceed telecom network design targets

Design automation enables designs covering 1000’s of locations to be created in minutes not weeks and at the same time reduce construction costs through optimization.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Take a mobile first approach to eliminate paper and manual data hand-offs and make data and capabilities available to all users…whenever they need it, wherever they are.

Reduce time to value

Use agile delivery approaches and leverage the cloud to simplify telecom network deployments to deliver value to your users and organization rapidly.

Is your physical inventory ready for digital transformation?

Keeping telecom networks operational | GE Digital softwareKeeping telecom networks operational | GE Digital software

Leveraging geospatial data and analytics expertise

The need to increase capacity and improve service delivery driven by 5G, IoT and consumer demand forces rapid network expansion and a never-ending quest for operational excellence. Underpinning your growth with robust physical inventory will enable you to meet these challenges head-on.

Building Your 5G Backhaul Network with Automated Fiber Design Webinar

Geospatial solutions | Geospatial Network Inventory for Telecoms | GE Digital

On-Demand Webinar

Explore how GE’s automated fiber design solutions can help you rapidly design a low-cost, efficient network to support your 5G front and backhaul needs.

Discover solutions and services to Telecoms

Geospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators | GE Power DigitalGeospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators | GE Power DigitalGeospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators | GE Power DigitalGeospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators | GE Power Digital
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Geospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators

Accelerate your network operations with a comprehensive and integrated view of your entire network 

Geospatial network solutions for telecom providers by GE Digital

Services for Utilities and Telecoms

Drive best-in-class operational excellence with Premium Maintenance & Support (M&S) Services

GE Digital's Smallworld Network Inventory's geospatial solutions help telecommunications operators manage their network from design all the way through to operations.

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