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Gas Turbine Performance Software

Generate more power with less emissions and fuel. Make your gas turbine’s fuel and air controls smarter using AI/ML with Autonomous Tuning software.

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Gas Turbine Performance Software

Tuned for Performance - Every Two Seconds

Autonomous Tuning is an on-premises solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to continually find the ideal flame temperatures and fuel splits for optimal combustion and gas turbine optimization. The software senses changes in ambient temperature, gas fuel properties and degradation, and sends real-time adjustments to the controls every two seconds. The Level 2 software is fully bound by the controls system safety-critical programming and is unable to harm the gas turbine.


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“With Autonomous Tuning, GE Digital has introduced a practical industrial example of the use of machine learning in closed loop supervisory control, and all running at the Edge. This is a real-world application of AI for decarbonization with tangible reductions in emissions and fuel for gas turbine operators. This, and other building block sub-systems, are a step toward autonomous operations.”


Joe Perino, Principal Analyst, LNS Research

Gas turbine tuning customer results

Autonomous Tuning | CO and Dynamics | GE Digital

Reduced CO emissions by 14%

A LM6000 peaking plant reduced CO emissions by 14% when operating with low-specific gravity composition that can increase CO emissions. NOx emissions were reduced by up to 12% when operating with high-specific gravity composition, which can increase NOx emissions. Manual tuning events were reduced from 4 to 0 while avoiding 12 days of downtime. Since the installation of the software, the plant has not experienced any high acoustics events, down from 6 the previous year.


Start your autonomous journey today.

Autonomous tuning software for operations performance management on aeroderivative turbines

Reduced NOx emission by 10%

A European LM6000 plant reduced NOx emissions by 10% without the need for a combustion overhaul alternative that would have cost the site $2M and require a 12-week outage. With Autonomous Tuning, the customer was able to generate power throughout all of 2020, previously unachievable without exceeding NOx credits. As a result, the site generated $300K more revenue than 2019. Manual tuning events were reduced from 2 to 0, avoiding 6 days of downtime. Since the installation of the software, the plant has not experienced high acoustics events.


Start your autonomous journey today.

Who benefits from Autonomous Tuning software the most?

  • Highly regulated regions, with constrained emissions. Examples include Europe, United States and Canada.
  • Locations with seasonal temperature changes. The more extreme, the greater the value.
  • Any site subject to fuel quality variability issues.
  • Sites looking to reduce their O&M cost, by reducing manual tuning and fuel consumption.

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Return on Investment < 1 year

Heat rate optimization

Fuel savings between $100K and $500K USD

Manual tuning costs and associated downtime

Eliminate between $47K and $117K USD

Emission constraints

Reduce NOx and CO emissions and extend your production window in geographics with emissions constraints

Steady performance under changing conditions

Save $25K USD with avoided trips and maintenance

Fuel variability

Unlock options in fuel variability with performance dynamically changing to heating value compositions

Optimize Your Gas Turbine With Gas Turbine Performance Software

One-Month, Turnkey Deployment

Start lowering emissions and fuel consumption within one month. Customers enjoy full-service deployment of hardware and calibration of the software to run autonomously without customer intervention.



Available today for the LM6000, LM2500; contact GE Digital for additional information on future frame expansion.  Any OEM Aeroderivative DLE turbine.


Find out how much you can save.

Download Autonomous Tuning datasheet

Ready to lower fuel and emissions in just one month?

AI/ML for Accelerated Decarbonization

power generators are seeing reduced emissions and fuel consumption by employing artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) for optimal gas turbine combustion.

Learn how GE Digital power generators are seeing reduced emissions and fuel consumption by employing artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) for optimal gas turbine combustion. 


See how software available today can:


  • Lower CO2, CO and NOx emissions 
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Eliminate the need for manual, seasonal tuning of gas turbines


This Power Magazine webinar features Joe Perino, Principal Analyst with LNS Research and Martha Saker, Digital Solutions Product Line Manager, GE Digital.

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