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Industry Analysts Insights & Reports

Learn what industry analysts are saying about GE Digital. Tap into their perspectives on key trends, what to watch for and what’s coming. Learn how GE Digital is putting industrial data to work.

Read LNS blog on CEO Pat Byrne's first 10 months
Proficy Historian in action | GE Digital data historian

IDC: Digital Transformation

Digital transformation (DX) is at the center of modern organizational strategies. IDC estimates the economic value of DX to almost $19 trillion, or more than 20% of global GDP. Are you ready? Read their reports on GE Digital's approach to DX.

Asset Performance Management

Improvement in industrial operations is centered at the asset level. Learn what analysts say about GE Digital's approach to asset performance management.

Factory digitization in Saudi Arabia: A transformation journey begins

Factory Digitization in Saudi Arabia | IDC report | GE Digital

IDC Report

The rise of digital economies and societies presents great opportunities and challenges to manufacturers.  According to IDC's Worldwide Smart Manufacturing 2019 predictions, 80% of manufacturers will need to extensively restructure their operations, placing data at the center of their processes to increase speed, agility, efficiency, and innovation.  


In early 2019, the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON)  and GE Digital launched the National Productivity Program (NPP) to help 100 selected factories located in MODON industrial cities with their digital transformation (DX) journeys. Read how GE Digital's solutions are maximizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), improving production scheduling, ensuring product quality, reducing work-in-process (WIP) and streamlining the overall supply chain.


Analysts comment on product releases and technologies

Webspace from GE Digital screenshot | HMI/SCADA extension

Predix Essentials, Asset Answers, Webspace

GE Digital announced enhancements across its software portfolio that help make it easier for its customers to operate plants, analyze industrial data, and optimize operations more effectively.


 The product updates include:


  • Predix Essentials, which makes it easier for industrial companies to connect, visualize and analyze data
  • Asset Answers, which helps customers better understand the competitive potential of Asset Performance Management (APM) software
  • Webspace 6.0, a new HTML5 interface that helps to bring automation data to operators across mobile devices

Plant Applications 8.0

“The ability to measure the value of aligning manufacturing KPIs – such as OEE – greatly enhances the justification for software investments.  By giving manufacturers a comprehensive view of closed-loop processes across scheduling, execution and performance management, GE Digital’s Plant Applications 8.0 enables real-time KPIs, such as OEE, to be measured, providing the clear evidence of software ROI in a very short period of time.”  Craig Resnick,  ARC Advisory Group

APM Integrity from GE Digital, screenshot for monitoring changing risk conditions

APM Compliance Management

Developed in collaboration with one of the largest U.S. petroleum refiners, Compliance Management is an enhancement of GE Digital’s inspection data management capabilities, an integrated component of the APM Integrity solution.

Data Historian screenshot | GE Digital | Secure data

Proficy Historian 8.0

Proficy Historian collects and distributes data that helps to improve asset lifecycle and performance, and it is also a data collector suited for cloud and on-premise based Asset Performance Management and Grid Optimization solutions in the power generation, transmission and oil & gas sectors.

Screenshot of APM Health Manager, | APM Health software | GE Digital

APM for Oil & Gas

GE Digital has expanded its asset performance management (APM) portfolio by acquiring the oil and gas APM services teams from GE’s oilfield services subsidiary Baker Hughes.

Chad Stoecker on Digital Twin Technology
Chad Stoecker on Digital Twin Technology
Watch the Video

Digital Twin

In recent years, the term digital twins has been in the limelight, creating a buzz across all industries.  At the ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, ARC’s Greg Gorbach, an industry leader in digitalization and IoT, and Chad Stoecker, Global Vice President of Industrial Managed Services for GE Digital, discussed defining the digital twin.  This blog captures some of the salient points and quotes of their conversation.  The interview can be viewed in entirety here and/or on YouTube.