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Cybersecurity: Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity is an essential building block of modern connected critical infrastructure. Electric utilities are more exposed to cyber threats now more than ever

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Proven and Compliant

GE has been protecting critical infrastructure for over 75 years.  Our core products in electric utilities and telecom are used by 1,000’s of customers in all parts of the world.  We meet required regulatory compliance and go beyond to ensure the maximum protection of your network.


Benefit from real-time cyber security solutions custom built for your environment

Optimize end-to-end security

We deliver cyber security solutions customized for compatibility with the environment. Integrating with existing software or providing turn key solutions, we provide end-to-end safeguards for industrial environments.

Meet regulations, standards

Prevent issues, prolong system usage, and maximize the lifecycle on your investments while ensuring compliance with enforced controls. GE offers the transparency you need to protect, report, respond and meet regulations.

Mitigate risk

Cyber infrastructure attacks and breaches are a rising threat. We can help your organization strengthen safeguards and bolster resilience. Minimize exposure to cyber attacks and more consistently comply with industry standards.

Minimize disruption, avoid downtime

Our products are designed and optimized for critical utility and telecom environments. GE solutions aim to minimize vulnerability while supporting proactive maintenance and bolstering analytics to avoid system issues and urgent repairs.

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