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The Platform is the IoT edge-to-cloud foundation shared by GE Vernova applications such as Asset Performance Management (APM). It supports innovative IoT solutions by providing a common software foundation for fundamental IoT security, scalability, and services functions.


By leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) while adding critical IoT functions, the Platform provides a common application foundation, shared user experience, rapid-time-to-value, and the customer economy of a purchase-once investment in secure and scalable IoT software infrastructure.


Essentials is the commercial offering of the Platform, delivering customers a complete package of the core Platform functions used by GE Vernova applications.


Platform features

IT/OT connectivity

Secure and reliable OT data transfer from equipment, sensors, HMI/SCADA, and historians, as well as IT systems and sources such as EAM/CMMS.

Data processing fabric

Streaming and batch data ingestion and the near real-time data and analytics processing to handle a variety of application needs.

Analytics execution

Flexible analytics orchestration and execution of GE Digital Twin analytics and customer-developed analytics at both the edge and cloud.

Edge-to-cloud security

From hardened edge processing to encrypted data transfer to secure cloud operations, the platform assures end-to-end data and user access control and compliance.

Cloud scalability

Proven data ingestion, analytics processing and operations management that scale to meet the demanding workloads of industrial leaders.

GE Digital application features

Functions include data visualization, dashboarding, alerting, case management and more that support APM and other application workflows.

Drive results

Predix essentials I GE Digital


Essentials is the commercial offering of the Platform, delivering customers a complete package of the core Platform functions used by GE Digital applications. It’s everything you need for solution success – from IT/OT connectivity to analytics processing to base application features – ready to power rapid and sustained industrial application value.

GE Digital's Industrial apps can assist the performance of off-shore drilling applicationsGE Digital's Industrial apps can assist the performance of off-shore drilling applications


Industrial IoT needs are driving new demands in edge computing. Edge simplifies data collection and data forwarding while supporting any local computing need. With powerful connectivity and management capabilities, and support for container-based apps and analytics, Edge securely handles advanced analytics and data processing that enhance industrial application results.

Engineer utilizing Predix Platform for cyber security asset safety

Platform security

At the moment that data leaves an asset, ensuring its availability, validity, and integrity is of primary concern. The Platform is secure by design. Built with defense-in-depth across every layer, and continuously monitored, the Platform addresses the security of the platform itself, the applications it powers, the software development process, and the security of data that flows through the platform. The Platform provides capabilities such as two-party encryption and supports end-to-end chain of custody reporting for code and data.

Explore GE Vernova software solutions in the cloud

APM Reliability software helps the bottling industry improve operations performance
Industrial Apps

Reliability Analysis Software

Achieve less unplanned downtime by predicting equipment issues before they occur.

APM Health software from GE Digital helps petrochemical plants reduce asset performance risk
Industrial Apps

Asset Health & Condition Monitoring

Standardize the collection, integration, modeling, and analysis of disparate data into a single, unified view.

APM Strategy software from GE Digital helps automobile manufacturers improve performance
Industrial Apps

Digital Asset Strategy Management

Develop asset strategies to optimize across availability, reliability, and costs.

APM Integrity software used by oil refineries for managing risk
Industrial Apps

Asset Integrity Management

Ensure asset integrity and compliance by monitoring changing risk conditions.

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