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Grid Orchestration Software across transmission, distribution, and the edge

As the energy transition heats up, the associated complexities and challenges are becoming too much for traditional grid management. It’s time to embrace grid orchestration with GridOS®.

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Grid Orchestration Software

Unlock grid orchestration with GridOS Data Fabric

Energy data is bigger, faster, and more scattered than ever before. Cut through those challenges and orchestrate the grid with GridOS Data Fabric - the first grid-specific data fabric.

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Grid Orchestration Software

Secure. Sustainable. Balanced.

Grid Orchestration Software

The grid has reached an inflection point. Renewables and DERs have hit record levels and keep increasing. Energy flow patterns have become more complex and harder to predict. And cyberattacks and severe weather strike the grid more often than ever. To deliver sustainable energy and proactively address these challenges across the grid, utilities need an end-to-end software portfolio that can break down silos between transmission, distribution, and grid endpoints to enable grid orchestration.


That’s where GE Vernova’s GridOS Orchestration Software can help. Its modern architecture brings together energy data, network modeling, and AI-driven analytics across the grid to power a suite of composable applications from GE Vernova, utilities, and partners.


*Data source from Annual Electric Power Industry Report, Form EIA-861, October 2022 results based on all utilities in the United States. Reliability data reflects average SAIDI and SAIFI with MEDs.

What can Grid Orchestration Software do for you?

Disruption Planning & Recovery

Disruption Planning & Recovery

Effectively prepare for, manage, and recover from disruptive events faster and safer than ever before.

GridOS Network Operations

Network Lifecycle

From planning and design to deployment and maintenance, get a clear view of your entire network and its status.

GridOS Network Operations

Network Operations

Iron out complexities and unlock real-time management, balancing, and optimization of your network.

Renewables Management

Renewables Management

Quickly and safely onboard, integrate, and manage the flow of energy from the renewables and DERs connected to your grid.

GridOS Energy Markets

Energy Markets

Properly optimize energy supply to unlock greater markets participation, all while ensuring energy security and affordability.

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