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Forecasting for Electrical Grid & Market Operators

Predict intermittency for transmission and distribution

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GE Digital Forecasting software to assist with ADMS and AEMS | Renewables

Digital Energy Forecasting for AEMS (Transmission), ADMS (Distribution) and AMMS (Markets)

As renewables and distributed energy resources (DERs) continue to grow in volume and complexity, electrical transmission and distribution grid operators are challenged to manage their utility efficiently and effectively in face of intermittency. GE Digital provides operators with a comprehensive forecasting solution to help solve today’s challenges and take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. GE’s Digital Energy Forecasting provides accurate load renewables and embedded generation forecasting for true hidden load estimation avoiding surprises for control room or energy market operators.


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Our customers tell it best

We are excited to deepen our relationship with GE through the implementation of the T-Forecast software solution. With this new technology, we will be able to better predict the energy load flows in the electrical grid, and in turn, we can increase efficiency and reliability for our customers. As renewable energy usage continues to increase, this technology provides a seamless path for future required functionalities and market interactions, including using flexibility for congestion management.  

Peter Hermans, CTO, Stedin

Benefits of Forecasting for electrical grid and market operators

Avoid real-time crisis

Prevent negative impacts on KPIs like SAIDI CAIDI and Voltage QoS for Distribution, and anticipate balancing reserve requirements at Transmission.

Predict events

Predict any potential upcoming violation—thermal, voltage, inertia, balancing, etc.—in a systematic manner.

Integrate the full Grid

Forecast from system level down to disaggregated distribution level to anticipate load or generation issues wherever they occur.

Be proactive

The ability to forecast gives operators more levers to act: the levers requiring anticipation such as demand response, battery storage, etc.

Analyze multiple scenarios

Forecast multiple contained scenarios to represent load growth and variations of electric vehicles and other new cleantech/energy devices, in a single application.

Use open interfaces

Leverage Forecasting open interfaces with GE Digital’s Transmission, Distribution, Markets and Geospatial solutions, as well as non-GE systems.

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Can Forecasting Help Anticipate My Next Renewable or DER Challenge?


Learn how AI will be part of DER to utility communications.  GE Digital was named #2 in Guidehouse Insights AI Vendors for DER Integration report.

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Generate forecasts of load and intermittent generation from renewables and DERs

ADMS Forecasting screenshot | GE Digital

Process historical data and explanatory variables

The GE Digital Forecasting application enables transmission, distribution, and market operators to cope with the intermittency of renewable generation and DERs and to anticipate potential violations that DERs can cause including:


  • Foreseeable load, renewables and DER forecasting
  • Automate multiple configurable use cases in parallel
  • End to end T&D orchestrated view
  • Rich library of machine learning and physical algorithms
  • Scalable open architecture leverages latest technologies
Engineers looking at computer screens with GE Digital industrial software and advanced analytics

Operate tomorrow's grid today

Augment the capabilities of the existing control rooms of electrical grid and market operators, helping them cope with the intermittency of renewable generation (wind, photovoltaics, etc.), and more generally the intermittency of new Distributed Energy Resource (DER) devices connecting to the grid.  



Let GE Digital help you operate the grid of today and tomorrow

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