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Sustainability with Industrial Software

Accelerate operations optimization with industrial resource and energy management software

Digital worker | connected worker | Industrial engineer using GE Digital software

Deliver sustainability in utilities, manufacturing & other industrials with OT innovation

Building a world that works for tomorrow requires all industries commit to the energy transition and operations resource efficiency. GE Vernova works with customers to deliver operations software solutions that enable a more sustainable tomorrow.

GE Vernova software drives enterprise-wide sustainability in utilities & manufacturing

Operational eco-efficiency & circular economy

Measure energy and resource use to set benchmarks, use less, better, and again

Secure-by-design ESG data collection & visibility

Data can be used to support consistent & integration-capable ESG reporting

Improve occupational health & safety

Configurable alarms and a friendly user experience help operations safety

Standardize and automate with flexible workflows

Designed to support diverse operations processes and product data management

Track & trace operations to help with compliance

Troubleshoot batch or process stability issues and validate quality inspections

Streamline innovation for continuous improvement

No-code apps and simulation can help reduce emissions & prototype solutions

Explore GE Vernova's software to support sustainability goals

Proficy for Sustainability Insights

Proficy for Sustainability Insights

Decrease operating costs and waste by linking plant-floor actions to your enterprise sustainability initiatives with Proficy for Sustainability Insights…

News Release for Carbon Emissions Management Software

Carbon Emissions Management Software

Emissions management software to confidently measure, manage, and operationalize your decarbonization strategy.

Software to manage renewable energy and DERs | GE Digital
Digital Energy

Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS)

Improve grid connectivity, visibility, and control of DERs

Hear from our customers about sustainability in industrial operations

City of Cincinnati | GE Digital

How Cincinnati built the smartest sewer system

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati prioritizes investments in technology including Proficy software from GE Digital to run the smartest sewer system in the world.


Gain insights into how a data-driven approach can produce savings and help meet environmental compliance without investing heavily in gray or green capital expenditures.

Win Win: Less waste and less chemical usage

Skjern Paper uses GE Digital's CSense software to optimize operations

Skjern Paper uses AI to improve product quality and reduce waste

Skjern Paper's environmental and societal commitments extend to Circular Economy and membership in the UN Global Compact and its Nordic network.


Recently, the plant manager at Skjern Paper looked to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to take production to the next level with impressive results in just six hours using Proficy CSense analytics and digital twin innovation from GE Digital.

Discover more case studies about sustainability in manufacturing & utilities

Our customers are on the front line of the world’s toughest industrial challenges: reducing energy usage, decreasing waste, optimizing plant productivity, decreasing emissions and environmental impact, adapting to market regulatory and innovation demands, and keeping their teams safe. Software is mission critical to achieving these goals. 

Helping manufacturers

Helping industrials with sustainability and efficiency

Listen to GE Vernova leaders on the challenges facing industrial organizations and how software, business analytics, and people can help them meet those challenges head on with efficiency and sustainability in operations.


  • Drive lean continuous improvement and agility
  • Use software and analytics to meet quality, operations, and energy efficiency KPIs
  • Harness data and technology for predictive insights

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