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Remote Operations

Ensure worker safety and operations continuity with secure remote/mobile operator controls.

Why Remote Operations? Watch video
Remote operations software for power generators

What is Remote Operations?

Remote Operations Demonstration
Remote Operations Demonstration
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Secure and compliant remote/mobile operator controls

Remote Operations is a packaged software and appliance solution that provides remote/mobile operator access to essential on-site HMI monitoring and control functions. A unique secure network system, hard-token credentials and granular access controls ensure that remote, mobile and on-site operators can work independently or together in a secure and NERC-CIP compliant environment.


Remote Operations is a non-disruptive solution, remotely deployable without unit shutdown.

Ensuring continuity in times of uncertainty

Ensure operational reliability

Leverage worker location flexibility to handle all circumstances

Guard personnel health & safety

Enable non-critical on-site staff to work remotely

Cope with reduced staff

Use centralized remote expertise to augment essential local staffing

Remain secure & compliant

A non-disruptive highly secure and NERC-SIP complaint overlay

Act with urgency

Rapid response package with options for advanced functions

Drive Results with Remote Operations

Engineer monitoring operations at power plant | GE Digital software

Continuity under any conditions

During this time of uncertainty, Power Generators are re-evaluating emergency preparedness, employee health measures and the need to operate reliably with reduced on-site staff.


GE Digital is now offering Remote Operations – a remotely deployable, turnkey solution to rapidly enact critical procedural changes to help protect both your operations and your employees’ safety.

Digital Worker for Power, Utilities & Telecom | GE Digital

Operators anywhere

Remote and mobile operators have secure and managed access to equivalent on-site HMI visualizations and essential operational controls regardless of HMI solutions in production. Managed security and operational validation safeguards ensure that remote, mobile and on-site staff can work independently or together in a secure and compliant environment.

GE Digital industrial software provides secure remote operations

Secure and compliant, end-to-end

Remote Operations is built around a secure connection broker appliance featuring two-factor authentication; role, time and equipment-based access controls; session logging and recording;  and encrypted pixel-only data transfer. The solution meets compliance standards for NERC-CIP, ISA 99/62443, HIPAA and NIST 800-53.

GE Digital software helps operations at Power utilities

Rapid, non-disruptive deployment

Remote Operations is a non-disruptive solution, compatible with your on-premises systems and equipment, and requiring only the addition of a pre-configured network appliance and firewall. Upon equipment arrival, installation can be done in a single working day with remote support from GE. No unit shutdown is required.

Power plant engineer | GE Digital

Why GE Digital and why now

GE Digital has been providing proven HMI/SCADA and secure network connectivity solutions for years. Now we have packaged these technologies into a dedicated turnkey solution that can be remotely installed and in production in as little as a single working day. Advanced functions are available in separate but compatible upgrade packages.

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