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Safety Insight

Help increase flight safety and reduce risk with Safety Insight software from GE Digital. Gain more accurate data, leading to fewer false positives.

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Transforming Aviation Safety

Safety Insight software is GE Digital's family of products and services that help aircraft operations fly more safely. 

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Analyze data to extract valuable operational insights

Flight Analytics
Flight Analytics
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Safety Insight for Airlines (eFOQA)

Safety Insight for Airlines is the leading FOQA and Flight Data Monitoring solution serving airlines around the world. Operators of all sizes choose Safety Insight for Airlines because it lets their employees automate manual processes including data ingestion, error correction, and statistical reporting. Safety Insight for Airlines goes beyond safety to include fuel efficiency reports, helping airlines operate at peak safety and efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint.


Corporate FOQA
Corporate FOQA
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Safety Insight for Business Jets (C-FOQA)

Safety Insight for Business Jets helps business jet operators fly more safely. Using the same technology as Safety Insight for Airlines, GE Aviation safety experts do the heavy lifting for smaller flight departments and provide key insights into safety and areas of potential risk. Operators are benchmarked and receive all data in a simplified, modern web application. And, via our integration partners ARINCDirect and Polaris Aero, and WYVERN, pilots and safety managers can have useful data automatically available in the tools they use daily.

Safety Insight helps increase inflight safety | Aviation software

Safety Insight for Airlines, Managed Service

Safety Insight for Airlines is a managed service that helps airline operators fly more safely. Using the same technology as Safety Insight for Airlines’ SaaS solution, GE Digital safety experts do the heavy lifting for smaller flight departments and provide key insights into safety and areas of potential risk. Operators are benchmarked and receive all deidentified data in a simplified, modern web application.


Benefits of Safety Insight

End-to-end solution, from data collection to reporting

Automation boosts analyst productivity

Superior data quality drives better outcomes

Hosted solution, lower IT costs

Peer to peer exchange of safety best practices

C-FOQA Partners:


In partnership with GE, Gulfstream introduced FORMS in 2008 as a flight operational quality assurance (FOQA) / flight data monitoring (FDM) program exclusive to Gulfstream operators. The Gulfstream FORMS program rolled fully into C-FOQA Centerline in 2016. Gulfstream customers enrolling in FORMS are enrolled in C-FOQA Centerline and reap the benefit of seamless turnkey services from Gulfstream. Gulfstream engages directly with GE to provide continuous feedback on data integrity for Gulfstream aircraft, further improving GE’s ability to provide quality safety analysis to operators.

Gulfstream logo | GE Digital Aviation Software C-FOQA partner


C-FOQA integrates with Polaris Aero’s safety management system - VOCUS SMS. This integration with Polaris is a first of its kind in business aviation where information from flight data is automatically forwarded to another safety service provider (VOCUS SMS) using GE Digital Aviation Software's API (application programing interface).

Polaris Aero, LLC is an aviation software company that specializes in risk analysis and safety management. Its cloud based VOCUS Safety Intelligence platform hosts various applications, including the flagship product FlightRisk, an advanced risk assessment system; and Vector SMS, an organizational safety management system (SMS). VOCUS is what safety should be – Simple, Meaningful, Seamless!

 Polaris Aero | GE Digital Aviation software C-FOQA partner

Increase safety performance and save on costs

Track Monitor

Track and monitor safety performance

  • Get clean and accurate data enabling fewer false positives and higher confidence in results


  • GE experts cleanse, process, and analyze data on your behalf


  • Participate in industry studies and presentations on the forefront of advancing safety


  • Control how and where data flows throughout your organization
Optimize Practice

Optimize practices and processes to minimize safety events

  • Get alerts only on relevant information to improve safety


  • See how you stack up against the industry to understand relative areas of risk


  • Tailor your policies and training programs to reduce safety events


  • Leverage leaders in your field for consultation and support
Proactive approach

A proactive approach to managing safety risk

Assess risk in flight operations with a fully managed, fast, accurate, and scalable solution or access the tools and workbench to do it yourself.


Analyze flight recorder data and track safety metrics to alert flight departments of possible risk


Adjust policies, training, and basic crew awareness based on actual events highlighted in reports


See results in your data as safety events diminish over time

Personalized Analytics

Personalized analytics for pilots

When paired with Safety Insight for Airlines, FlightPulse™ puts data directly into the hands of pilots, allowing them to see their actual flights and trends.


  • Pilots can see and understand safety events on their flights


  • Benchmarking across an airline’s worth of pilots lets each crew member see their performance in context


  • Important safety initiatives and results can be rapidly shared in an automatic, secure manner

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Zech Morgan
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Doug Wood
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Denise Dekker
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