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Airspace Efficiency

Increase airspace efficiency with data-driven flight path design and airspace analytics

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Maximize airspace benefits

Airspace Efficiency from GE Digital Aviation Software empowers airlines with flight path design and maintenance services, airspace analytics, and expert consulting to maximize airspace benefits.


Aviation Software from GE Digital
Aviation Software from GE Digital
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Democratize your flight data

With GE’s agile airspace analysis web application presenting data in a simple and intuitive format, airlines, airports, and other stakeholders make decisions collaboratively.


Answer complex “what if” questions at the click of a button, make rapid, high-quality decisions, and foster collaboration. When coupled with flight path design services and airspace consulting services,  meaningful changes to improve airspace operations happen. Whether you’re an airline, airport, or ANSP, Airspace Efficiency democratizes a world of data to identify opportunities, drive change, and monitor progress toward more efficient, sustainable, resilient, and safe operations.​

Expand your network of destinations

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Access terrain-challenged airports​

Navigation Services enables the deployment of high-performance PBN flight paths at airports with insufficient ground-based navigation infrastructure to accommodate safe, efficient, all-weather operations. PBN infrastructure is space-based meaning it is less prone to the service disruption from the impacts of severe weather and natural disasters that we see with typical ground-based navigation systems.


With improved approach minima in terrain-challenged airports, airlines can create flight paths to address their unique needs, and gain competitive advantages, while increasing safety and operational reliability while reducing weather-related cancellations and diversions. ​


  • Tailor instrument flight paths to specific aircraft performance capabilities to maximize benefits at extreme airports. ​
  • Retain commercial advantages over your competition through bespoke solutions for your exclusive use​
  • Gain insights for generation of route qualifications for new/challenging destination/city-pairs

Identify inefficiencies in an airspace

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Help reduce time between destinations, optimize fuel usage, and decrease carbon emissions​

Airspace Insight helps identify and quantify airspace inefficiencies to reduce overall flight time, fuel burn, and carbon emissions. It is estimated that a typical flight emits 900 to 1,000 kg of excess carbon per flight due to inefficient airspace design and air traffic control practices*. Airspace Insight is the first tool of its kind enabling a collaborative approach between all necessary stakeholders (Air Traffic Control (ATC), airlines, airports, airspace designers, and communities) to not only identify inefficiencies in an airspace, but also to recognize unnecessary flight paths over environmentally sensitive areas, helping reduce the impact of noise and pollution. ​


  • Enable stakeholder collaboration on airspace sustainability improvements​
  • Access visualizations and metrics to help ATC, airlines, and airports find efficiencies to increase sustainability​
  • Quickly and easily answer complex "what if" questions​
  • Quantify carbon benefits associated with multiple potential airspace solutions​
  • Access ongoing initiative progress tracking to drive common objectives

Reduce time and fuel consumed in airport traffic areas

Aviation navigation | Airspace data | GE Digital

Increase efficiency and improve passenger experience ​

With PBN procedures and one, easy to use, web-based tool, airlines can increase operational efficiency and improve passenger experience by understanding airspace behavior​.


  • Compare competing airline operations​
  • Understand relative efficiency of similar airspaces to drive improvements ​
  • See actual airspace behavior v. assumed (or actual v. promised)​
  • Quantify the impact of airspace and procedural changes—hold stakeholders accountable​
  • Provide input to pilot training to include quantification of benefit​
  • Reduce operating costs related to fuel, time, diversions, and cancellations​
  • Eliminate data silos, democratize data, and integrate multiple data sources​
  • With more accurate and efficient flight paths airlines can carry more passengers and cargo further and increase passenger satisfaction by increasing on-time performance and avoiding diversions and diversions​
  • Increase the departure weight for increased fuel and passenger/cargo loading

Reduce safety risk with modern flight path design and flight path maintenance services​

Navigation Services helps reduce safety risk with modern flight path design and flight path maintenance services. ​


  • Eliminate circling, side-step, and non-precision procedures; provide lateral and vertical guidance to every runway end​
  • Promote wind-aligned operations​
  • Account for non-normal and rare-normal conditions​
  • Reduce pilot and controller workload​
  • Provide guidance through complex terrain scenarios​
  • Increase track predictability


GE’s airspace analytics help us save 1.27 MM kg of fuel annually, over 4,000 mtCO2 and enable better accountability from our ANSP for provision of navigation services worth $ 1.7 MM per year.

Features of Airspace Efficiency


Increase operational reliability into terrain challenged airports, reduce reliance on ground-based navaid infrastructure, and provide all-weather options during airport construction and maintenance.​


Reduce carbon and other GHG emissions while simultaneously decreasing aircraft noise footprints with optimal routing and idle descents.​


Decrease time and fuel consumed in airport traffic areas to increase efficiency and improve passenger experience.


Reduce safety risk with lateral and vertical guidance and consideration for rare-normal/non-normal conditions like engine-out scenarios.

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