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Empowering airspace through data

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Reduce inefficient air time with Airspace Analytics software

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Using predictive analytics to reduce costs

Between 200,000 and 1,000,000 minutes are wasted each year in the airspace around each small to mid-sized airport. According to IATA, that waste equates to $13 to $60 million per year – and that money is paid directly by the airlines operating in that airspace. Identifying the cause of that waste will allow airlines to take the needed steps to significantly reduce it.


Airspace Insight integrates multiple data sources to provide visualizations and analytics to help airline decision makers identify waste in an airspace (and the causes of that waste) and arm them with the information required to effect meaningful changes. In addition to Airspace Insights, our Aviation experts provide world-class services and support to maximize your return on investment.


GE’s airspace analytics help us save 1.27 MM kg of fuel annually, over 4,000 mtCO2 and enable better accountability from our ANSP for provision of navigation services worth $ 1.7 MM per year.

Driven by you, inspired by collaboration

Aviation navigation | Airspace data | GE Digital


Airlines waste approximately $18.9B* each year due to airspace inefficiencies. Identifying the causes of those inefficiencies is the first step in making operational and structural changes to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase safety. GE Aviation’s Airspace Insight web application has the required capabilities to provide visualizations and analytics to arm airline decision makers with the information required to effect meaningful change.**


* Euro Control: Delays – three questions and many answers.

** Extrapolation based on specific data points.

Aviation navigation | Airspace data | GE Digital


Airspace Insight starts you on a path of effecting real change in your airspace. Designed with multiple airline stakeholders in mind, it offers a collaborative approach to identifying and remedying airspace inefficiency, thereby saving fuel, reducing carbon emissions, increasing safety, providing better on-time performance, and more.

Putting aviation data to work

Features of Airspace Insight

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