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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

Optimizing the performance of assets to increase reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks.

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SmartSignal from GE Digital | Predictive analytics software in use in Atlanta MDC

What is Asset Performance Management?

Customers Speak
Customers Speak
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Asset Performance Management (APM) is a suite of software and services designed to help optimize asset performance and O&M efficiency across equipment, the plant and the entire fleet. Featuring Digital Twin analytics, work process automation and built-in GE industry expertise, APM provides unique value to modern industrial operations.


APM’s rich functional pillars for Health, Reliability, Strategy, Integrity and Safety can be used independently or together to provide a comprehensive approach to asset and O&M management. APM is available both as a cloud-based service on the Predix Platform as well as on-premises software. Explore our online APM demo.

Enable continuous improvement with APM solutions


Reduce unplanned downtime and increase availability and reliability by helping to ensure critical assets and systems are monitored and protected from emerging threats.

Optimize productivity

Improve workforce productivity by prioritizing maintenance based on criticality and cost (condition-based), rather than schedule-based maintenance practices.

Manage risk

Protect the health and safety of employees, the environment, and business objectives, by reducing asset-related incidents and unplanned downtime.

Predictive maintenance

Reduce costly emergency repairs by detecting problems early, turning unplanned downtime into planned/scheduled downtime.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Reduce TCO delivered via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, providing flexibility and access to business insights where it matters—with edge, cloud, and hybrid configurations.

Faster time-to-value

A standardized way to connect machines, data, and people with a consistent interface for superior user experience, dynamic scalability, and extendibility to grow functionality as business needs evolve.

Our customers tell it best

We are very proud of the results our clients are achieving with our Asset Performance Management software. Explore their stories

Drive results with Asset Performance Management software

SmartSignal from GE Digital | Predictive analytics software


GE SmartSignal provides the Digital Twin analytics, alerting and analysis tools at the core of the APM solution. Unique predictive, diagnostic, and forecasting analytics work together to detect emerging issues, identify the cause, and indicate the required timeframe for action. SmartSignal data, alerts and results are an integrated component of APM Health dashboards, APM Reliability and other APM functions. 

GE Digital's APM Health software shows a view of industrial operations, screenshot

APM Health

APM Health Manager provides a unified comprehensive view of asset health, featuring drill-down views of performance data, alerts, performance KPIs and more. Dashboards are powered by APM’s robust OT/IT data collection, EAM/CMMS integration and policy rules engine.


APM Health also includes:


  • Rounds Pro: A versatile mobile application to guide and digitize manual data collection activities
  • Calibration Management: Tools and work processes for efficiently managing device calibration activities
  • ELogs: Allows users to create custom electronic records fully integrated with APM functions
APM Reliability manager from GE Digital, desktop screenshot

APM Reliability

Powered by SmartSignal analytics, APM Reliability provides visibility and analysis of asset performance, trends and predictive alerts. With built in workflows for root-cause analysis, reliability management and collaboration, APM Reliability allows customers to investigate and remediate emerging issues while driving long term performance improvements.

GE Digital's industrial APM strategy software on a mobile device

APM Strategy

Provides a common methodology to develop and manage asset strategies by using a risk-based approach to conduct analysis of individual assets, a group of assets, or an asset system.

GE Digital's APM Integrity industrial software, screenshot

APM Integrity

Equips organizations with a closed-loop mechanical integrity program and helps operators to reduce risk, lower inspection costs, and ensure regulatory compliance relative to their fixed assets.

Asset Performance Management workflows | GE Digital


Value Acceleration


Your APM solution is powered by unique GE asset intelligence, analytics and built-in workflows for standard reliability and maintenance tasks. GE expertise and intelligence turns APM software into a complete solution delivering immediate value and sustained operational excellence. Our Digital Twin intelligence covers 100’s of common assets in the energy industries and beyond, and includes:


  • Predictive analytics
  • Measurement points
  • Failure modes
  • Maintenance strategies
  • Alerting thresholds
  • Health indicators and more

Rapid results with GE Industrial Managed Services

The GE Industrial Managed Services Team (IMS) provides a range of expert services to guide and facilitate your APM success and digital initiatives. From monitoring to product and best-practices guidance, GE experts augment your team and help drive desired results.


Unique turnkey outsourcing plans can deliver important benefits to customers on a continuing basis and with no APM software purchase required. These services make it simple, affordable and fast for any plant to operate as a best-in-class leader.


Learn more about our turnkey services:

Asset Reliability Service

O&M Strategy Service

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